Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I found it!

I found the other half to the "stick" that was sticking either inside or outside of Jax's foot.

PS. It wasn't mulch. The playground is "worn" and it had dangerous wood shavings sticking up. I didn't know that until BOTH of my kids got these "sticks" stuck in them. This could have happened just as easily with their little hands. So for anyone who is judging me because I let them run around without shoes on.... THERE! Serves you right. LOL!

What NOT To Do Wednesday!

Don't ask your 2 1/2 year old to put her underpants back on after she's already put her pants back on. Assuming she would KNOW to take her pants off first was poor judgement on my part. I thought this picture was so precious though. Once I pointed out to her what she did, she got the biggest kick out of it, followed by a belly laugh. So it goes to show you, at the time, she thought it was "right", but once I pointed it out, she KNEW it was wrong.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Lunch With Brother In 1st Grade!

Today, we surprised brother at his school so we could eat lunch with him. Tyson wanted to eat in the "courtyard" instead of the cafeteria with all of his friends. We headed to the cafeteria first to grab an ice cream. Of course with eating outside, the kids had to eat their junk FIRST and then their good food. Surprisingly, it worked out. The twins were so happy to be with Tyson. They got to see his class when we first arrived and Lilah looked up at Ty and said, "You have a class bro-bro?" Uh- so darn CUTE! When it was time to say goodbye, I knew it would be uncomprehendable to one or both of them. Lilah started to cry and was very upset when we left Ty with his class and waved good-bye.
Eating in the "courtyard".
"Cheese!" Not really, PBJs!!!!!
"Mmmmmm Push Up Pops!"
"We're following the leader, the leader, the leader, we're following the leader wherever he may go!"
Ty's class lines up to go back to their room and laughs at Lilah as....

Lilah cries for Bro-Bro to come home with her.

"Boo-Boo" X 2

Today, I left my house at 10:15 am to drop cake pops off to our church staff. Then I headed to Ty's school. We had lunch with him in the courtyard. So sweet. On my way home to see my sick husband for lunch, Jax was upset because he didn't want to go home. They've started this thing where they say, "no home mommy. no home!" I was beat (thanks no caffeine) but I agreed with Jax. WHY am I rushing home for 10 minutes with Darren (that's all his lunch break consists of). So, I turned the car around and headed to Greenhill Park. At the park, the kids asked to take their shoes off. I agreed because they were NOT properly dressed for the park and mulch kept getting into their shoes, Lilah's especially. They played. WE played. Thank Lisa for the "duck, duck, goose" and "red light/green light" introduction because we did that again today and they were a pile of belly laughs. I swung them around until they got dizzy. The used the wooden guards as a balance beams and went around and around in a circle TWICE. It wound up being an incredible park outing. UNTIL.... Jax needed to pee. So I ran down and got the potty out of my car. He peed. Lilah watched. I then left them at the play area to take the potty back to the car (10 feet away) and all of the sudden Jax was screaming crying. I kind of ignored it for a second because I thought he was just being a weakling. He kept on and on, SO I said, "What's wrong Jaxey?" He said, "Hot" or so I thought. I said, "Well if it's hot, just get up and keep on walking." I couldn't figure out why it was hot to him but not to his "little" sister. He refused to get up and then I realized, he's not saying "hot" he's saying "hurt". NO LIE.... Jax had a 3 inch long 1/4 inch in diameter BIG splinter stick in his foot. It was NOT a splinter. It was HUGE for his tiny foot. It was so long that let's put it this way, it was 2 inches in his foot and when he BENT is big toe in the "stick" would hit it. Kind of hard to envision but I'm sure you're thinking "so what, no big deal. It's sticking half in and half out just PULL IT." I tried. No luck. I ran to the car to call Darren with Jax in my hand. Lilah was screaming crying for me. I thought she was upset because I "left" her. Well, wrong again good mommy that I am. I went to grab her and brought her to the van. As I am crying to Darren, on the phone, in panic, she is screaming in the background. I turned to her and said "BE QUIET, Jax has a booboo" She said, "ME TOO" I thought for sure she was lying and was just jealous that Jax was receiving so much attention, but low and behold she was right. She too had a "stick" in her foot. Only her's was almost in a worse condition that Jax's was because her 2 inch "stick" was inside her food. All the way in. I had two babies sitting on my lap in the car screaming crying. I wasn't sure what to do, so I tried the only EMT I know, SHAWN, no answer. I then called Jill (she's a working mommy at our Church). Her kiddoes were in school, so I figured it would be the best person to ask. She agreed to come help. Darren arrived first and was really flustered with me because he was holding Jax's leg and I was asked to pull the "stick" out and I tried and the harder I pulled the louder Jax screamed so I couldn't bring myself to do it. Eventually I did, but Darren said he had to go back to work and that we didn't have the right supplies to help with Lilah's. I was leaving to go home and halfway out of greenhill and Jill Higgs pulls in with Gretchen. AND they saved the day. They were STUNNED to see what I pulled out of Jax's foot and were even more astonished at what was in Lilah's foot. We had to lay her down in the back seat of my van, jill and I had to restrain her (those little kids are TOUGH and stronger than I) and Gretchen came with needles, tweezers and peroxide in hand ready to go to work. She "operated" on Lilah and pulled out the 2 inch "stick" in pieces. Lilah kicking and screaming bloody murder. After it was all done, Lilah was WORN out. She did thank Gretchen and Jill though. So sad and so cute. What a nightmare! My twin babies have been injured twice now in their life and Gretchen has been there for both occasions. How weird that they have been injured twice and both at the same time. I guess they are NOT called twins for nothing.
Jax's foot after "stick" was removed.
Lilah's foot after "stick" was removed.
I wanted to save the "stick" to blog about it, but upon carrying it into the house it broke in half. This was all I could salvage. If it broke IN HALF, than the this is proof that it was a minimum of 2 inches if not 2.5" - 3" longs.

To give you a idea of the thickness of it, pull a fork out of your drawer, it was as thick as ONE of a fork's "tooth". See the wood piece on the above fork?

Baby Delicacy?????

(Look closely to view the evidence on his shirt and face)

Yesterday, while at the park, "baby Caleb" was sitting peacefully on a blanket, laid out for him to play on. Of course, the mommies were busy chasing all the other kids around. I glanced over at Caleb to find him chewing on something. I ran to see what it was and NO LIE, it was a piece of dog poop. Who knows how long this poor baby was chewing on it, but he sure was enjoying it or at least it seemed! Is dog poop a baby delicacy? GROSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope that he doesn't get sick from this snack.

The poo sat next to the yogurt snack. Now tell me why one would go for the poo over the yogurt snack? Maybe because it was larger? Or appeared to be chocolate? Oh bless his heart!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Getting Prepared for Preschool!

Just because it's ONLY preschool, doesn't mean we don't need styling bookbags and matching lunch boxes. These darling necessities were purchased at paper and polka dots. My new favorite place to shop for the twins!!!! I figured I'd match them as long as I can because it's only a matter of time before they reject it!
Lilah is getting so big!
She was so excited to carry her bookbag and lunch box around.
How insanely cute is this?
Jax is going to be such a hunk at preschool!
He looks like a kindergartner. SO hard to believe.

Just like sissy's only BLUE!

And of course, don't forget school supplies too! Not nearly as much as "bro bro" had to have for 1st grade, but still a bit more than I expected. Here is their list:
1. Paper Towels
2. Tissues
3. Hand Sanitizer
4. Wipes
5. Change of Clothes

"Rise and Shine and Give GOD Your Glory, Glory!"

Tyson has inherited his daddy's ipod touch. During the summer he used it to play games, but now, he's got a greater need for it. It's become his rooster alarm clock in the morning. I picked up an ipod alarm clock at Bed, Bath, and Beyond for him and his ipod sits right into it. When the alarm goes off, instead of the annoying alarm sound ringing in his ear, he gets to wake up to our favorite Christian tunes. Last year, I was his alarm clock, but now that he's in first grade, I felt it was a good idea to start making it his responsibility to get himself up. So far, he hasn't slept through ONE alarm.

Tyson has a FULL agenda Monday through Thursday. For a 6 year old, he truly does have a tad more responsibility and pressure than I personally was anticipating. Check it out...

Monday - Thursday
5:50 am: Alarm goes off
7:14 am: Bus arrives
7:50 am: School starts
2:20 pm: School ends
2:45 pm: Bus arrives home
5:30 pm: Leave for Football (Church on Wednesday)
8:15 pm: Ty arrives home from football or church
8:20pm: Ty eats dinner
8:45pm: Ty showers
9:00pm: LIGHTS OUT!

I am doing the best I can to fill his belly with well balanced meals and I am trying to encourage him that rest in not only necessary but enjoyable. Please keep him in your prayers. For anyone who has younger children that are not yet in school, cherish these times with them because once they are in school, the dynamics of your children's lives really change.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Potty Training On The GO!!!!

Potty training on the go requires quite a bit of STUFF. Okay, maybe not. Maybe it's just what I REQUIRE for potty training on the go!. LOL!

I've lined the twins' car seats with large, black garbage bags incase of an accident.
Lilah and Jax weren't thrilled about the feel of the garbage bags underneath them, but I just don't have the energy to deal with an accident in a car seat, much less TWO car seats. I told them if they go two weeks without an accident, I will remove them. So far, so good! The bag you see, is the bag I originally put on their seats 6 days ago.
My wonderful friend Jody couldn't stop laughing when she saw this. AM I THE ONLY ONE who would think of this?

A Playdate At Mill Mountain "Park"

I quote "park" because I invited everyone to join the twins and I at "this great park up on top of Mill Mountain" and it wound up being a very dangerous slide. I'm not sure where I gathered that it was a great park. Anyway, regardless, we always make the best of our time together. The kids had a blast regardless. They LOVED the slide, but it was the mommies that were having heart attacks. After the thrill of the slide wore off, Lisa and I helped the kids play a few rounds of "duck, duck, goose" and "red light, green light, 1, 2, 3". Lilah and Jax were all smiles. This was proof to me that they are going to have an absolute blast in preschool.

After wearing the kids out, we relaxed in the shade, at a picnic table, and ate lunch! When lunch was over, we took a small walk to the discovery museum (for free) where we got to explore all kinds of fun things. The lady who worked there also brought out a turtle, that was once hit by a car, and has since been repaired, but has to live at the discovery museum due to his injuries. The kids even got to pet him.

We always leave having a fantastically fun time with our small group friends. We really could start our own little school with the amount of children we have. What a blessing it is to be involved in so many great Christian families lives.

Bollings VS. Williams Family at Lee-Hi Bowling Alley

On Friday night, we spent the evening with one of our favorite families... The Williams Family. First, we ate some grub at Rancho Viejo then we had a brilliant idea to drag 4 children under the age of 6 and the 4 adults to the bowling alley.

It was Ansley, Lilah and Jaxon's first time bowling, so they had no idea what to expect, but were thrilled to say the least. They bowled one entire round, but after that enjoy just playing chase throughout most of the bowling alley! It allowed the grown-ups to bowl one last game without major distraction.

I won't lie. I think the Williams family played a better game, but my hubby was under the weather. He's been in bed since that night. A touch of the flu, I think. :( We'll beat them next time. :) The photos are mostly from behind. Sorry.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Potty Talk!

While cleaning up dinner, Lilah and Jax BOTH decided they needed to "go potty!" So, Jax sat on the pink potty and Lilah sat on the real potty. I overheard laughter and chitter chatter and peaked in on them to capture the moment. This "conversation" went on for well over 10 minutes, but I had to stay on par and get the kitchen cleaned. I thought this was so precious though. They talk really, really, well, but in this video it doesn't appear that way. I am starting to wonder if this is the "twin language" that everyone always speaks of.

Come and Worship Christ the New Born KING!

I've recently joined choir and I've been playing our Christmas music a lot so I can practice memorizing the lyrics. Jax has really taken a liking to this song. He started to sing it and moved his hands to the rhythm of the song. Of course, being a twin, Lilah had to copy him.


We are trying something new this school year. I love the saying, "New School Year, New Rules!" It's a time to start FRESH and RIGHT. Kind of like New Year's Eve! I started a chore chart for Tyson. Last week, we tested the waters, so to speak, and he did really good the first two days, but after that, he was complaining that he didn't like chores. Who does?

I've heard a few families say that they do NOT give their child an allowance for doing chores. It's just part of their contribution to family living, but Tyson works really well with incentives, so I plan to give him an allowance.

The rules are as follows:

Each week, the chore chart will be posted on the inside of the pantry. It is Tyson's responsibility to do them before 4:00 pm and without me asking him to do them. If he does, he receives $1.00 each day. If he doesn't get them done before 4:00 pm and/or without me asking, he still has to do them, but he will NOT receive an allowance.

Once he heard there was money involved, he was super excited to start the chore chart on Monday. I made sure to explain to him that he shouldn't be doing his chores with enthusiasm just because there is money involved, but rather because he is helping his mommy and daddy which is pleasing to God.


That's right! It did just seem like yesterday that I was carrying to fetus' around, but it wasn't. They are NOW 2 1/2. Lilah and Jaxon begin preschool after Labor Day! It's so hard to believe. It's truly bitter-sweet for me. This coming up Tuesday, we have been invited to "Back to School" night. I've been talking to Lilah and Jax about their school and all the little details and they really seem excited. I think it will be a HUGE help that Cohen and Cyrus will be in their class. Familiar faces are always a huge plus!

From Infant to Toddler

I hit a wall the other day. I realized that my infants were no longer infants, they are toddlers. Many, many, many, many changes have taken place in the last few days especially.

Goodbye Diapers, Hello Underwear
Goodbye Sippy Cups, Hello Regular Cups
Goodbye Booster Seats, Hello Regular Seats
Goodbye Baby Class, Hello Firecrackers
Goodbye Baby Monitor, Hello Peaceful Nights
Goodbye Baby Babble, Hello Toddler Talk
Goodbye Innocence, Hello Depravity
Goodbye Staying At Home, Hello Pre-school

Although closing the doors to some of the above is sad, I am really excited about this next phase in our lives. We've spent well over 800 days being parents to infant twins. I praise God that he has provided us with the financial means, the dedication, and the teamwork to raise these precious babies. I am especially thankful to God for my husband. Without him, I am not sure I could be half as good a mommy as I am.

These last 2 1/2 years have flown by. When I pass by a picture or an object that reminds me of when they were first born, it seems like a distant memory. I'm trying hard to grasp the reality behind how quickly life with three kids will turn to life with three teenagers. I plan to cry out to the Lord for patience and gratitude to cherish these times and savor every little moment, good and tough.

Marble Jar UPDATE!

Guess who has finally filled up their marble jar? TYSON!!!! It took two months for ONE of the kids to fill up a marble jar. We've been VERY consistent with adding and removing marbles. I highly recommend this incentive program. It really, really, really, has improved the children's desires to help around the house. Overall behavior has also really improved as well.
Whoever fills up their marble jar receives a $20.00 toy! Tyson decided he just wants the $20.00 to add to his bank. He's such a hoarder.

Souvenirs From Paradise - Part 3 - Jody Williams

Today, it's my turn to write about my best friend, Jody Williams. As I mentioned before the Bahamas had a ton to choose from, but weeding out the junk and finding something within budget made this idea quite the adventure. If I didn't have a budget, I would have gotten Jody a "knock off" coach purse, plain and simple, but my budget was a lot lower than that :( Shopping for Jody was easy. I knew I wanted to buy her some form of accessory because she is so great at accessorizing. Be it a belt, a pair earrings, a hat, a watch, or a necklace, Jody wears them with style. I searched for a while because not everything the Bahamians sell is homemade. One of my stipulations was that the souvenir had to be handmade. Darren and I walked onto a little side street and into a store that was playing some heavy gospel music. That was my first "Q" that this was the store I would be buying Jody something from. The entire store was filled with accessories. PERFECT! The gospel music reminded me even more of her because her hubby is the youth pastor of our church and she sings in the choir. LOL! I searched high and low and finally found a homemade necklace that was strung with several layers of white beads and on it hung a genuine, beautiful yet simple, nice sized seashell (again all characteristics that represent my Jodster). I envisioned Jody wearing it and it "looked" so stunning on her, so that's what I decided on.
My Dearest Jody,

When I think of you, I think of the chorus to the song, "You are my sunshine!"

Listen,"You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy, when skies are grey. You'll never know dear, how much I love you, please don't take my sunshine away!"

The friendship we share is so incredible. In some ways, or even so many ways, we are total opposites of each other. You have a type B personality. I have a type A personality. Your mom and dad are married. Mine are divorced several times. You are simple. I am high maintenance. You sleep in. I wake up early. The list is more extensive than that, but you get the point. The reason I love that we are so opposite, in some ways, is that you give me a new perspective on life.

When I first laid eyes on you, I remember not paying an ounce of attention to what was going on in Bible Study. Instead, I was thinking, I'll be friends with her before long. :) There was two problems with that... 1. I wasn't paying attention to Bible Study. LOL! 2. I was basing that desire solely on your outward appearance. I had no clue who you were, but you looked like the type of person I would be friends with. Remember, those were my pre-saved days.

It wasn't long (maybe a full year to a year and a half, right?) before we did become the best of friends. Sadly to say, it's hard to recall when or where the friendship started flourishing, but I'm glad it did. Since then, I have met my "twin" in many ways. We both love the LORD. We both love to BLAB! We both love to shop (although you have put a huge halt to this aspect in your life), we both love to dress up our little girls, we love spending time with our family, etc. etc. etc. This list is also endless.

Back to the chorus of that song... You are my sunshine. You are so good at recognizing when I am having a difficult day or maybe even a difficult week. You are genuinely concerned and when you check up on me, you brighten my day like the warm sun brightens a gloomy day for the earth!!! You make me happy when my days are grey. Thankfully, it's not that often, but you stick with me. Never turning away or getting frustrated.

You're genuine. You are one of those friends that you know is going no where. You aren't a back stabber. You love hard. Your heart is focused on keeping the friendship REAL. You forgive easily. You're patient. You're beautiful. My mom used to always say, "It's not what's on the outside that counts, but it's what's on the inside that matters!" You're beautiful on the inside and on the outside. I LOVE that you are willing to go out without make-up on. You shine and your beauty is still ever present because your "inside" is insanely joyful and kind. The beauty you contain on the outside is just added bonus. You're simple. You go with the flow. You're a great listener. You're compassionate. You're ALWAYS joyful. Never have I seen you in a bad mood. Do you ever get in one? YOU ARE FUN. You are the BIGGEST FEMALE KID I know. You're NEVER afraid to let your hair down. This is something I can grow leaps and bounds witnessing from you. You revert all of my life trials back to scripture and help me to see them from the biblical standpoint that I should. YOU LOVE MY KIDS and MY KIDS love you back. This is a huge perk. Often times friends just tolerate other people's children, but you love them with the same motherly love that I do. We can talk for hours on end about nothing. My favorite memory with you, to date, is talking with you, in my driveway, for over 2 hours, after leaving a date with our "Sensational 6".

I thank God that he has placed you in my life for an abundance of reasons. It brings me comfort and stability to know you are someone who will never allow drama to enter into our friendship, causing a long lasting friendship. I always wanted have a friend who's husband was also close with my husband. I love how Darren and Brett mess really well together and have their own special bond. What a gift God has granted to both of our families that we all love each other and that our friendship can be enjoyed with or without our husbands/children. You're the closest thing to a sister I have ever known. Unfortunately/fortunately, I feel closer to you than any of my sisters and it provides me with what I am lacking in the relationship I have/don't have with my blood siblings.

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Fabulous FINDS Friday!

1. Veggie Tales - Larry & Bob - Plush Bible Covers

These two bible covers were purchased at our new local, discount store called Ollie's.
Retails: $13.59 here.
Paid: $2.99

I was super excited when I spotted these because anything Veggie Tales is pretty expensive due to the "name". I purchased BOTH Larry and Bob. I will reserve this gift for Tyson for Christmas. I plan to give him the Larry cover since his favorite color is GREEN. When Tyson retires this item, because he's "too cool", I will give it to Jax. Lilah will then receive Bob. Don't go rushing out to get Larry. He's sold out, but they have plenty of Bobs.

2. Elmer's 3D Glitter Pens (Quantity 24)

One thing I love about Tyson is he is very well-rounded. He's a jock and a gamer, but he isn't ashamed to be bake with his mommy or pull out the good'ol arts and crafts. He has really taken a liking to glitter pens because it's similar to painting without the MESS. I was so thrilled when I spotted this fabulous find.

Retails: $13.99
Paid: $2.99

Where did I buy them? Ollie's AGAIN! On amazon, a pack of (36) retails for $19.99. SO... I divided 19.99 by 36 to find that each pen retails for .55 cents a piece. If you do the math, this set of (24) should retail for well over $13.99 plus tax.

I didn't have that many finds this week as I did last week :( I am in the middle of potty training Lilah and Jax. While shopping is a great way to force myself to really be knee deep into potty training and provides more of a real life situation in the potty training world, it is also a great deterrent from desiring to shop.

Again, all of these gifts are being reserved for Christmas, so please don't ask Tyson about his cool new bible cover or glitter pens :) until after December 25th.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Split Pee DOO DOO

The second poop in the potty! Made by Jax. Maybe I'll start a book titled, "The many poops of Jax!" LOL! Sorry. This should hopefully be the lest poop documented. Just thought it was hysterical. It looked like split pea soup.

Officially Potty Training for Good!

(Jax's 1st poopie in the potty ever. I am terribly sorry for grossing you out like this, but I had to document it.)

I've had it! I've been changing diapers for well over 29 months now X 2 and I'm over it. On Monday, I shut the doors on diapers for Lilah (except at nap and bedtime) and Tuesday the door was closed for JAX. Monday, I put Lilah in diapers and forced myself out of the house. I figured being physically removed from my home, with a toddler or two, in underwear, would definitely put a real life feel to the potty training world. On Monday, we went to the park, to Bed, Bath, and Beyond, to Kroger, and to Kirkland's Home Good Store. In a 5 hour time frame, Lilah only had one accident. I think it was that she was truly just preoccupied while playing with her friends at the park. Other than that, she peed in 2 out of the 3 stores we went in. Later that day, Jax, who was still in diapers, decided to poop in the potty. He did the hardest part FIRST. On Tuesday, I repeated the day by running more errands, but this time I left our home with not only ONE toddler but two toddlers in underwear. YAY!!!!! We ran errands again. NO accidents. Yesterday, I took the twins to the duck pond and the post office... no accidents. I have been transporting their pink potty everywhere with me, so I think that's why there have been virtually no accidents. Last night, at Church, was a different story. They arrived at church with no diapers and both Lilah and Jaxon had accidents. Today, we went to the "park", on top of Mill Mountain, and we were there from 10:50 pm - 1:30 pm. NO ACCIDENTS!!! I am so excited and so very proud of Lilah and Jax.

Check this FACT out....

We've changed over 10,440 diapers since the birth of Lilah and Jaxon. CAN YOU IMAGINE?

Every morning when the first "pee pee" goes in the potty, I reward the twins with a "dum dum" lollipop and 5 marbles added to their marble jar. EVERY TIME the twins use the potty, we do "the potty dance". They get a real kick out of it and are extremely proud of themselves. Enjoy viewing the "potty dance". Again,I apologize for the documented poopie. I just couldn't resist. What can I say? I am a proud momma and beyond thrilled to say goodbye to diapers.

Potty training two at one time is quite a busy task. It's fun training a boy and a girl because it puts a different twist on the job each time. Jax has to hold his pee pee down and when he's done he's instructed to shake his little thing and say, "ding-a-ling-a-ling", getting off the excess pee. Lilah just sits and when she's done she wipes while saying, "front to back. front to back. front to back!" Oh the joys of potty training.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Twin Toddlers Play Putt-Putt (Video Clips)

Watching Lilah and Jax play putt-putt was a little comical, a little frustrating, to me, FOR them, and VERY cute. It's so amazing how such a fun task seems so difficult to a little one. Bless Jax's little heart... he was a real trooper. He hung tight and tried his best over and over and over. By the end of about hole 15, he was doing as great as a 2 1/2 year old can do. Lilah, on the other hand, was beyond frustrated by hole 2 and only picked her golf club back up on the last hole. Check out Jax's cheeks. They are soooo read from how hard he was working. AND the final video is hysterical. Watch closely, the look of massive confusion on his face, when he realizes the ball is gone! Then listen to what he says.... "Man take it!"

Ty Arrives Home From 1st Grade!

Tyson arrived home from his first day of 1st grade with big smiles and still loads of energy. He didn't have an insane amount of information to share. Here's what I got out of him...
  • Who he sat next to on the bus there and back!
  • Who got in trouble and had to "pull a card"
  • That his NEW PE teacher is not as much fun as last year's PE teacher
  • Who he sat next to at lunch
  • He didn't care for his sugar-free vanilla pudding, so ... "Can I have a sweet treat?"
  • The class received 7 chips. This is a similar concept to the marble jar. If the jar gets FILLED up, the teacher bakes the class a cake.
  • His first homework assignment: read or be read to for 15 minutes
Ty was in great spirits and filled with energy all day! He didn't argue, however, when the lights went out at 7:45 pm. He passed OUT before we could count to 30. The only reason he got to go to bed so early is because football was cancelled due to it being the first day of school.

Today, his second day, the school was dismissed 10 minutes early due to a 5.8 scaled earthquake.

Ty's 1st Grade Schedule:

5:50 am: Alarm Goes Off
6:00 am: Get Dressed While Watching Wow Wow Wubbzy
6:20 am: Head Downstairs To Eat Mommy's Homemade Breakfast
6:20 am: Family Devotional
6:35 am: Ty Finishes Up Breakfast/Family Talks
6:50 am: Brush Teeth/Potty/Put Lunch Box In Book Bag,
7:08 am: Head to Bus Stop
7:14 am: Bus Arrives
7:50 am: School Starts
2:20 am: School Ends
2:40 am: Ty Arrives HOME via BUS!!!!

It's an LOOOOONG day, to me, for such a little man.

5:30 pm: Ty leaves for Football M, T, and Th
5:30 pm: Ty leaves for Church on Wed.

Ty returns home M-Thurs at 8:30 pm.

9:00 pm: Bedtime After DINNER and shower

I cannot wait for football to be over so his bedtime can reside at 7:45 pm.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Twins Play Putt-Putt for the FIRST Time

The word FIRST is going to be the most widely used word in our home this year. Between first grade and preschool and potty training. GEEEEZ! There's a ton of firsts. AND expect to see it all!

Last Friday, I took the twins to play putt-putt with their BIG brother. IF you recall, Ty went on Thursday also. We had a buy 1 game, get 1 game for for free coupon. We played on Thursday and used our free game on Friday. The twins got to play for free because they are 2 and under. Gotta take advantage of that before those offers run out.

Enjoy a few photos from their FIRST time experience playing putt-putt.
"This is how you do it Lilah!", said Jax.
Lilah was really into it for the first two holes, then she got really aggravated. She was even screaming at her club. I guess it would have helped if she held it correctly.
She gave up!
Literally left her ball and club on the 3rd hole. Gabe, Cohen, any other male condidates in the running for Lilah to be their wife.... forget GOLF! She doesn't want to watch it, play it, or have a husband that plays it.
Instead, she chose to ride all of the animals instead while her brothers golfed.
I honestly don't blame her. Golf is so boring to me!
Big brother teaches little brother how to hold his club.
Jax was beyond into it. He kept replaying a hole OVER AND OVER AGAIN!
Check out those red cheeks.
Lilah did decide to play her last hole.

"Where did the ball go?" said Jax! Once I pointed out where the balls go after the last hole, the mischievous little boogers got on their hands and knees to see them all! Then Jax tried to lift up the lid. Of course I had to tell him "No!"