Monday, August 29, 2011

"Rise and Shine and Give GOD Your Glory, Glory!"

Tyson has inherited his daddy's ipod touch. During the summer he used it to play games, but now, he's got a greater need for it. It's become his rooster alarm clock in the morning. I picked up an ipod alarm clock at Bed, Bath, and Beyond for him and his ipod sits right into it. When the alarm goes off, instead of the annoying alarm sound ringing in his ear, he gets to wake up to our favorite Christian tunes. Last year, I was his alarm clock, but now that he's in first grade, I felt it was a good idea to start making it his responsibility to get himself up. So far, he hasn't slept through ONE alarm.

Tyson has a FULL agenda Monday through Thursday. For a 6 year old, he truly does have a tad more responsibility and pressure than I personally was anticipating. Check it out...

Monday - Thursday
5:50 am: Alarm goes off
7:14 am: Bus arrives
7:50 am: School starts
2:20 pm: School ends
2:45 pm: Bus arrives home
5:30 pm: Leave for Football (Church on Wednesday)
8:15 pm: Ty arrives home from football or church
8:20pm: Ty eats dinner
8:45pm: Ty showers
9:00pm: LIGHTS OUT!

I am doing the best I can to fill his belly with well balanced meals and I am trying to encourage him that rest in not only necessary but enjoyable. Please keep him in your prayers. For anyone who has younger children that are not yet in school, cherish these times with them because once they are in school, the dynamics of your children's lives really change.