Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Playdate At Mill Mountain "Park"

I quote "park" because I invited everyone to join the twins and I at "this great park up on top of Mill Mountain" and it wound up being a very dangerous slide. I'm not sure where I gathered that it was a great park. Anyway, regardless, we always make the best of our time together. The kids had a blast regardless. They LOVED the slide, but it was the mommies that were having heart attacks. After the thrill of the slide wore off, Lisa and I helped the kids play a few rounds of "duck, duck, goose" and "red light, green light, 1, 2, 3". Lilah and Jax were all smiles. This was proof to me that they are going to have an absolute blast in preschool.

After wearing the kids out, we relaxed in the shade, at a picnic table, and ate lunch! When lunch was over, we took a small walk to the discovery museum (for free) where we got to explore all kinds of fun things. The lady who worked there also brought out a turtle, that was once hit by a car, and has since been repaired, but has to live at the discovery museum due to his injuries. The kids even got to pet him.

We always leave having a fantastically fun time with our small group friends. We really could start our own little school with the amount of children we have. What a blessing it is to be involved in so many great Christian families lives.