Friday, August 26, 2011

Fabulous FINDS Friday!

1. Veggie Tales - Larry & Bob - Plush Bible Covers

These two bible covers were purchased at our new local, discount store called Ollie's.
Retails: $13.59 here.
Paid: $2.99

I was super excited when I spotted these because anything Veggie Tales is pretty expensive due to the "name". I purchased BOTH Larry and Bob. I will reserve this gift for Tyson for Christmas. I plan to give him the Larry cover since his favorite color is GREEN. When Tyson retires this item, because he's "too cool", I will give it to Jax. Lilah will then receive Bob. Don't go rushing out to get Larry. He's sold out, but they have plenty of Bobs.

2. Elmer's 3D Glitter Pens (Quantity 24)

One thing I love about Tyson is he is very well-rounded. He's a jock and a gamer, but he isn't ashamed to be bake with his mommy or pull out the good'ol arts and crafts. He has really taken a liking to glitter pens because it's similar to painting without the MESS. I was so thrilled when I spotted this fabulous find.

Retails: $13.99
Paid: $2.99

Where did I buy them? Ollie's AGAIN! On amazon, a pack of (36) retails for $19.99. SO... I divided 19.99 by 36 to find that each pen retails for .55 cents a piece. If you do the math, this set of (24) should retail for well over $13.99 plus tax.

I didn't have that many finds this week as I did last week :( I am in the middle of potty training Lilah and Jax. While shopping is a great way to force myself to really be knee deep into potty training and provides more of a real life situation in the potty training world, it is also a great deterrent from desiring to shop.

Again, all of these gifts are being reserved for Christmas, so please don't ask Tyson about his cool new bible cover or glitter pens :) until after December 25th.