Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Lunch With Brother In 1st Grade!

Today, we surprised brother at his school so we could eat lunch with him. Tyson wanted to eat in the "courtyard" instead of the cafeteria with all of his friends. We headed to the cafeteria first to grab an ice cream. Of course with eating outside, the kids had to eat their junk FIRST and then their good food. Surprisingly, it worked out. The twins were so happy to be with Tyson. They got to see his class when we first arrived and Lilah looked up at Ty and said, "You have a class bro-bro?" Uh- so darn CUTE! When it was time to say goodbye, I knew it would be uncomprehendable to one or both of them. Lilah started to cry and was very upset when we left Ty with his class and waved good-bye.
Eating in the "courtyard".
"Cheese!" Not really, PBJs!!!!!
"Mmmmmm Push Up Pops!"
"We're following the leader, the leader, the leader, we're following the leader wherever he may go!"
Ty's class lines up to go back to their room and laughs at Lilah as....

Lilah cries for Bro-Bro to come home with her.