Tuesday, August 30, 2011

"Boo-Boo" X 2

Today, I left my house at 10:15 am to drop cake pops off to our church staff. Then I headed to Ty's school. We had lunch with him in the courtyard. So sweet. On my way home to see my sick husband for lunch, Jax was upset because he didn't want to go home. They've started this thing where they say, "no home mommy. no home!" I was beat (thanks no caffeine) but I agreed with Jax. WHY am I rushing home for 10 minutes with Darren (that's all his lunch break consists of). So, I turned the car around and headed to Greenhill Park. At the park, the kids asked to take their shoes off. I agreed because they were NOT properly dressed for the park and mulch kept getting into their shoes, Lilah's especially. They played. WE played. Thank Lisa for the "duck, duck, goose" and "red light/green light" introduction because we did that again today and they were a pile of belly laughs. I swung them around until they got dizzy. The used the wooden guards as a balance beams and went around and around in a circle TWICE. It wound up being an incredible park outing. UNTIL.... Jax needed to pee. So I ran down and got the potty out of my car. He peed. Lilah watched. I then left them at the play area to take the potty back to the car (10 feet away) and all of the sudden Jax was screaming crying. I kind of ignored it for a second because I thought he was just being a weakling. He kept on and on, SO I said, "What's wrong Jaxey?" He said, "Hot" or so I thought. I said, "Well if it's hot, just get up and keep on walking." I couldn't figure out why it was hot to him but not to his "little" sister. He refused to get up and then I realized, he's not saying "hot" he's saying "hurt". NO LIE.... Jax had a 3 inch long 1/4 inch in diameter BIG splinter stick in his foot. It was NOT a splinter. It was HUGE for his tiny foot. It was so long that let's put it this way, it was 2 inches in his foot and when he BENT is big toe in the "stick" would hit it. Kind of hard to envision but I'm sure you're thinking "so what, no big deal. It's sticking half in and half out just PULL IT." I tried. No luck. I ran to the car to call Darren with Jax in my hand. Lilah was screaming crying for me. I thought she was upset because I "left" her. Well, wrong again good mommy that I am. I went to grab her and brought her to the van. As I am crying to Darren, on the phone, in panic, she is screaming in the background. I turned to her and said "BE QUIET, Jax has a booboo" She said, "ME TOO" I thought for sure she was lying and was just jealous that Jax was receiving so much attention, but low and behold she was right. She too had a "stick" in her foot. Only her's was almost in a worse condition that Jax's was because her 2 inch "stick" was inside her food. All the way in. I had two babies sitting on my lap in the car screaming crying. I wasn't sure what to do, so I tried the only EMT I know, SHAWN, no answer. I then called Jill (she's a working mommy at our Church). Her kiddoes were in school, so I figured it would be the best person to ask. She agreed to come help. Darren arrived first and was really flustered with me because he was holding Jax's leg and I was asked to pull the "stick" out and I tried and the harder I pulled the louder Jax screamed so I couldn't bring myself to do it. Eventually I did, but Darren said he had to go back to work and that we didn't have the right supplies to help with Lilah's. I was leaving to go home and halfway out of greenhill and Jill Higgs pulls in with Gretchen. AND they saved the day. They were STUNNED to see what I pulled out of Jax's foot and were even more astonished at what was in Lilah's foot. We had to lay her down in the back seat of my van, jill and I had to restrain her (those little kids are TOUGH and stronger than I) and Gretchen came with needles, tweezers and peroxide in hand ready to go to work. She "operated" on Lilah and pulled out the 2 inch "stick" in pieces. Lilah kicking and screaming bloody murder. After it was all done, Lilah was WORN out. She did thank Gretchen and Jill though. So sad and so cute. What a nightmare! My twin babies have been injured twice now in their life and Gretchen has been there for both occasions. How weird that they have been injured twice and both at the same time. I guess they are NOT called twins for nothing.
Jax's foot after "stick" was removed.
Lilah's foot after "stick" was removed.
I wanted to save the "stick" to blog about it, but upon carrying it into the house it broke in half. This was all I could salvage. If it broke IN HALF, than the this is proof that it was a minimum of 2 inches if not 2.5" - 3" longs.

To give you a idea of the thickness of it, pull a fork out of your drawer, it was as thick as ONE of a fork's "tooth". See the wood piece on the above fork?