Thursday, August 25, 2011

Officially Potty Training for Good!

(Jax's 1st poopie in the potty ever. I am terribly sorry for grossing you out like this, but I had to document it.)

I've had it! I've been changing diapers for well over 29 months now X 2 and I'm over it. On Monday, I shut the doors on diapers for Lilah (except at nap and bedtime) and Tuesday the door was closed for JAX. Monday, I put Lilah in diapers and forced myself out of the house. I figured being physically removed from my home, with a toddler or two, in underwear, would definitely put a real life feel to the potty training world. On Monday, we went to the park, to Bed, Bath, and Beyond, to Kroger, and to Kirkland's Home Good Store. In a 5 hour time frame, Lilah only had one accident. I think it was that she was truly just preoccupied while playing with her friends at the park. Other than that, she peed in 2 out of the 3 stores we went in. Later that day, Jax, who was still in diapers, decided to poop in the potty. He did the hardest part FIRST. On Tuesday, I repeated the day by running more errands, but this time I left our home with not only ONE toddler but two toddlers in underwear. YAY!!!!! We ran errands again. NO accidents. Yesterday, I took the twins to the duck pond and the post office... no accidents. I have been transporting their pink potty everywhere with me, so I think that's why there have been virtually no accidents. Last night, at Church, was a different story. They arrived at church with no diapers and both Lilah and Jaxon had accidents. Today, we went to the "park", on top of Mill Mountain, and we were there from 10:50 pm - 1:30 pm. NO ACCIDENTS!!! I am so excited and so very proud of Lilah and Jax.

Check this FACT out....

We've changed over 10,440 diapers since the birth of Lilah and Jaxon. CAN YOU IMAGINE?

Every morning when the first "pee pee" goes in the potty, I reward the twins with a "dum dum" lollipop and 5 marbles added to their marble jar. EVERY TIME the twins use the potty, we do "the potty dance". They get a real kick out of it and are extremely proud of themselves. Enjoy viewing the "potty dance". Again,I apologize for the documented poopie. I just couldn't resist. What can I say? I am a proud momma and beyond thrilled to say goodbye to diapers.

Potty training two at one time is quite a busy task. It's fun training a boy and a girl because it puts a different twist on the job each time. Jax has to hold his pee pee down and when he's done he's instructed to shake his little thing and say, "ding-a-ling-a-ling", getting off the excess pee. Lilah just sits and when she's done she wipes while saying, "front to back. front to back. front to back!" Oh the joys of potty training.