Saturday, August 27, 2011


We are trying something new this school year. I love the saying, "New School Year, New Rules!" It's a time to start FRESH and RIGHT. Kind of like New Year's Eve! I started a chore chart for Tyson. Last week, we tested the waters, so to speak, and he did really good the first two days, but after that, he was complaining that he didn't like chores. Who does?

I've heard a few families say that they do NOT give their child an allowance for doing chores. It's just part of their contribution to family living, but Tyson works really well with incentives, so I plan to give him an allowance.

The rules are as follows:

Each week, the chore chart will be posted on the inside of the pantry. It is Tyson's responsibility to do them before 4:00 pm and without me asking him to do them. If he does, he receives $1.00 each day. If he doesn't get them done before 4:00 pm and/or without me asking, he still has to do them, but he will NOT receive an allowance.

Once he heard there was money involved, he was super excited to start the chore chart on Monday. I made sure to explain to him that he shouldn't be doing his chores with enthusiasm just because there is money involved, but rather because he is helping his mommy and daddy which is pleasing to God.