Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ty Arrives Home From 1st Grade!

Tyson arrived home from his first day of 1st grade with big smiles and still loads of energy. He didn't have an insane amount of information to share. Here's what I got out of him...
  • Who he sat next to on the bus there and back!
  • Who got in trouble and had to "pull a card"
  • That his NEW PE teacher is not as much fun as last year's PE teacher
  • Who he sat next to at lunch
  • He didn't care for his sugar-free vanilla pudding, so ... "Can I have a sweet treat?"
  • The class received 7 chips. This is a similar concept to the marble jar. If the jar gets FILLED up, the teacher bakes the class a cake.
  • His first homework assignment: read or be read to for 15 minutes
Ty was in great spirits and filled with energy all day! He didn't argue, however, when the lights went out at 7:45 pm. He passed OUT before we could count to 30. The only reason he got to go to bed so early is because football was cancelled due to it being the first day of school.

Today, his second day, the school was dismissed 10 minutes early due to a 5.8 scaled earthquake.

Ty's 1st Grade Schedule:

5:50 am: Alarm Goes Off
6:00 am: Get Dressed While Watching Wow Wow Wubbzy
6:20 am: Head Downstairs To Eat Mommy's Homemade Breakfast
6:20 am: Family Devotional
6:35 am: Ty Finishes Up Breakfast/Family Talks
6:50 am: Brush Teeth/Potty/Put Lunch Box In Book Bag,
7:08 am: Head to Bus Stop
7:14 am: Bus Arrives
7:50 am: School Starts
2:20 am: School Ends
2:40 am: Ty Arrives HOME via BUS!!!!

It's an LOOOOONG day, to me, for such a little man.

5:30 pm: Ty leaves for Football M, T, and Th
5:30 pm: Ty leaves for Church on Wed.

Ty returns home M-Thurs at 8:30 pm.

9:00 pm: Bedtime After DINNER and shower

I cannot wait for football to be over so his bedtime can reside at 7:45 pm.