Wednesday, January 17, 2018

SNOW ShadowSense

Frosty the snowwoman couldn’t think of a more appropriate day to share her favorite shade of ShadowSense... "SNOW".
Our ShadowSense eye shadows are formulated to provide anti-aging, crease-proof, water-proof, and long-lasting finishes They start out as a cream and blend into a powder. Some of our eye shadow colors can also be used for eyeliner, browliner, concealer, and contouring. Our company offers (15) matte shadows and (6) shimmer shadows. 👁💋

Christmas Cookie Tradition ~ 2017

It's a Christmas tradition that everyone in the house enjoys... even daddy.
First... we cut and bake cookies.
It usually includes a ton of very serious and focused faces.
The dough has GOT to be COLD. COLD. COLD. or it will spread in the oven and be disfigured.
We always just use the Pillsbury ready made, sugar cookie dough.
Sometimes I have to step in and help with soft dough dilemmas.
This part is not as fun as the decorating, but it's still something we all enjoy doing together.  I think more dough gets eaten (raw), than it does cooked.
I love watching my man partaking in our family traditions.  
These cookies are for Santa, but we always make a few cookies that spell out Jesus' name.  
Jesus gets a CAKE from US!
Pre-decorated cookies.
The next day, we decorated.  So we aren't artists or anything, but I still think our cookies turned out adorable.  
I love all of the special touches and details... especially the mustaches and candy cane smiley faces.
We barely ate these.  Hmph.  We did leave them for Santa to enjoy though.  No wonder he's so chubby.

Elf On The Shelf - Day #12

On Day #12, the elves brought our kids NEW ELF pjs.  Yup... that was pretty much it.  Fun, but uneventful.  

Elf On The Shelf - Day #11

One night, Darren and I ran out to Big Lots just to escape our home.  I just wanted to peak around.  On the bottom shelf, I found an ELF Photo Booth kit.  As soon as I saw it, I knew how I would use it.  I had already planned out, in my head, doing a "Take An Elfie" scene.  The kit was the perfect contribution.
Basically,  took about 20 photos of the elves taking selfies.   Some all together, some alone, some dressed up, some being silly...
Just like a photo booth!

Here is the "ELFIE SELFIE KIT" that I was referring to.  It came with several selfie props and mustache/lips lollipops.  
Our elves also left some "Elfie Time" napkins.  
I even printed the photos, to make it appear more realistic.
Of course, I added a scripture verse that went along well with the topic of selfies.
"He must INCREASE but I... Must Decrease. "  ~John 3:30
Selfies galore with their selfie stick and iPhone!
 Simple, fun, and oh so prevalent/realistic.