Saturday, December 10, 2016

Elf On The Shelf Update....

Oh these elves... they are BUSIER than I am, ahem... Ha.  They have really been into all kinds of action and they leave behind so much evidence and extra mess for me to clean up.  How many more days until this is over, haha? Right now, I feel like a momma of 9.  Hehe.  
One morning, we woke up to our elves having coffee, mini cupcakes, and snowflake cookies.  
Look what he had to use for a booster seat~ a snowball!
They used Lilah's dolls' coffee cups, saucers, and creamer dish.
These cupcakes were literally an exact replica of cupcakes I had made for Ty's choir class the night before.  Aren't they darling?
They literally fit in the palm of your hand.
I am mostly in love with these two girls: Ariel and Rozee.  They are always together, like twins.  Remember, Ariel can't fly anymore after she lost her leg in a house fire.
When I couldn't find Chippey, I got worried, but then all of the sudden, I spotted him laying on the "ground" with a starbucks in one hand and a cupcake smashed to his face.
Eeeek!!!! What the heck happened?
My only guess is that the caffeine put him to sleep and upon eating his cupcake, he fell asleep, and it smashed onto his face.
The candlelight coffee and cookies was probably one of my favorite elf scenes to date! Maybe that's just because I envisioned myself drinking a cup of coffee with them.  LOL!
The next day, the elves just hid, minus Chippey.  Jax had left his elf a hand drawn picture, at the elves' door.  
So sweet Chippey, left Jax the same exact hand drawn picture, only his was very miniature.
Lilah was most concerned about how in the world we would get into our garage, without touch him.  Tricky.
Finally, yesterday our elves apparently visited the Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino.  LOL! I guess they support Donald Trump too!
Chipped and Napoleon drove their pick up trump their.  Looks like they stopped somewhere, along the way, and grabbed a Christmas tree too! Of course, Ariel and Rozee rode their reindeer.  Her name is Bling.
The girls played the slot machines.  
Check out their winnings!
The slot machine, for anyone who wants to know, is an actual ornament from Hallmark.  I had bought it last year, for Darren, because it comes with a tag that says, "I hit the jackpot when I married you!"
Meanwhile, back at the ranch, haha, Chippey and Napoleon were playing poker.
These miniature playing cards were found at Michaels' craft store, in the miniature section.  
I just laid out red and green dice, plus poker chips, just for the effect.  Of course, I am unsure if my kids really understood that that is part of a casino's atmosphere.  After all, they've never been.
Chipped was laughing because he knew he was about to win!
Check out his hand!
Napoleon on the other hand, had one chip left, and horrible cards.
But he still had a smile on his face.  What a good sport.  It's a good lesson my kids could take.  
I'd love to have coffee with these four. I want to go to the Trump Plaza Hotel & Casino.
I hope you have enjoyed seeing MORE of what our elves are up to. They are definitely busy! But this is a tradition that I wouldn't trade for the world.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Christmas Dance Recital ~ 2016

Mistle Toe and Holly... It was that time again!!! Christmas recital time.

Lilah invited Ansley to watch her perform and I am sooooo glad that she did.  Ansley came back stage with me to help get Lilah to pose for back stage pics.  Check out the duos outcome!! Whoop, whoop! Get it girl!
The backdrop is just awful, but this recital is always done at Andrew Lewis Middle School, so what can I expect. 
They've been friends since birth!
Back stage: Lilah's dance team only has four dance members: Lilah, Claire, Ava, and Lillian.  
Back stage, I prepped Lilah's tutu mason jars by filling with jolly ranchers and hershey kisses.  See here for more details. #traditions
I didn't take a ton of photos because I wanted to enjoy the show, but I do like to capture a few pictures so Lilah can see what she missed out on!
The photos of Lilah's performances were not that great.  I wanted to WATCH her and I also VIDEO recorded her dances (see at the end of this post), so I only grabbed a few photos.  Her first dance was a Jazz dance performed to the song, "Deck The House".
Kylie goes to our church and her twin brother also dances.  I wanted to capture these pics for her and her father (who also works the show).
At half time, Ansley and I went back stage to take some more photos.  
Strike a pose!
Lilah's second performance was a ballet performance and she performed to the song "Let It Go!"  It was a beautiful dance!
I thoroughly enjoy watching my dancing queen as she dances for Jesus.
The Grinch!
Grand Finale.  
Lilah's biggest fans! Thank you Ansley for capturing this family photo.  
And then... time for recital gifts. The boys picked out flowers at Kroger.  I loved how they chose Christmas colors.
I gave her a few cute gifts, but nothing MAJOR.  I usually save the more special gifts for the Spring recital.
A new ballet ornament for her Christmas tree.
A glittery case for her iPhone (an old phone of mine).  
Hershey kiss, candy cane, lip balm.
I am beyond proud of Lilah.  She danced so beautifully and I am continually amazed at how brave she is! As usual, I hope she continues with dance through high school and I cannot wait to see how the Lord uses her skills to dance in her future.