Monday, April 27, 2020

Your Character Has Been Exposed...

A decade long of hidden deception and poor character was fully REVEALED this weekend, after I received a phone call from someone who exposed the TRUTH. 

My husband continues to tell me all the time, 

"WHO CARES what people think. WHO CARES what people say. They will think and they will say what they want. It's quite possible that temporarily, what people say and think, will be believed. BUT, you keep being who you are and they will keep being who they are AND the TRUTH will be revealed." 

He's soooo RIGHT!!!

I never felt defeated by this person, EVER! I always knew that no matter how hard she tried to convince others that she was innocent, SHE WASN'T. I knew it. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY God KNOWS it. Now, other family members know it and see it. And they are calling me apologizing. God is so good!

This is the SECOND person who has revealed truth and character and lies in her IN JUST THE LAST MONTH. Man, she's a trail blazer for destruction. 

I need to be in prayer for this human. She needs real, psychological help. She has destroyed so many families in the process of trying to hide her lies, bitterness, and anger.

Friday, March 13, 2020

WOW! Where In The World Is Kristin Bolling!

Has it really been FIVE months since I did a blog post? This has crippled my heart.  The truth is, as much as I love to blog and be resource for others, BLOGGING is my passion and my purpose is to document our family's life, so my children can use this as a memory when I pass away.  Does anyone have time to do things the old fashion way anymore, aka a photo album?  I do NOT! I think at this point I am so overwhelmed by the BACKLOG that I now have, I don't even know where to begin. Again, this blog is 85% for documenting our lives so my children have something to look back on. 

Thursday, October 24, 2019

You Are One [KOHL] Dad!

What do you get an amazing man for his birthday, who has reached his 70s, and is a simple person? I know, right? It's hard!!!! My father-in-law celebrated his birthday on October 22nd and I told him yesterday that it is really a challenge finding gifts for him.  NOT because he isn't worthy. It's QUITE the opposite of that. BUT because he really doesn't need anything and as stated before, he's a simple man!

Monday, September 16, 2019

Free Vs. Ownership

Last week, I had an all day, 9 hours straight, work day. I worked my business every waking hour my children were gone from my home. ALL DAY, I knew what I wanted to share with my followers on social media, but I didn’t have time to collect my thoughts and generate a post. It started with a 7:45 am skincare appointment with Amy Crawley. I immediately came home and started packaging up 12 shipments. Yes 12 🤯!!!! I paused packaging shipments to make a delivery to Shannon Waddell. Our meeting spot is always Starbucks. In between all of the above, my phone was blowing up from orders rolling in by Pat BrownTabitha WoodardEmily LiberiLori Brown, and Emily Appleby, just to name a few! I felt on top of the world that day, as a LipBoss. I felt so amazing knowing that my customers love our products enough and trust and appreciate my role as their LipBoss enough to give me their business.