Monday, August 22, 2011

Twins Play Putt-Putt for the FIRST Time

The word FIRST is going to be the most widely used word in our home this year. Between first grade and preschool and potty training. GEEEEZ! There's a ton of firsts. AND expect to see it all!

Last Friday, I took the twins to play putt-putt with their BIG brother. IF you recall, Ty went on Thursday also. We had a buy 1 game, get 1 game for for free coupon. We played on Thursday and used our free game on Friday. The twins got to play for free because they are 2 and under. Gotta take advantage of that before those offers run out.

Enjoy a few photos from their FIRST time experience playing putt-putt.
"This is how you do it Lilah!", said Jax.
Lilah was really into it for the first two holes, then she got really aggravated. She was even screaming at her club. I guess it would have helped if she held it correctly.
She gave up!
Literally left her ball and club on the 3rd hole. Gabe, Cohen, any other male condidates in the running for Lilah to be their wife.... forget GOLF! She doesn't want to watch it, play it, or have a husband that plays it.
Instead, she chose to ride all of the animals instead while her brothers golfed.
I honestly don't blame her. Golf is so boring to me!
Big brother teaches little brother how to hold his club.
Jax was beyond into it. He kept replaying a hole OVER AND OVER AGAIN!
Check out those red cheeks.
Lilah did decide to play her last hole.

"Where did the ball go?" said Jax! Once I pointed out where the balls go after the last hole, the mischievous little boogers got on their hands and knees to see them all! Then Jax tried to lift up the lid. Of course I had to tell him "No!"