Friday, November 30, 2012

"Nicey" Returns!

I LOVE OUR "Elf on the Shelf" Christmas tradition.  If you don't really know what this tradition is, check out the explanation on my old blog here.  We do this every year.  Our children REALLLLLY look forward to it and I can't deny that every year Darren and I are enjoying it more and more. Unfortunately, last year was the last year Tyson believed in Santa and this year, it seems to be that he's not going to believe in the ELF either (although I can tell he LOVES to look for him every morning).  I am praying he doesn't ruin the thrill for Lilah and Jaxon.

Have you ever watched the TODAY show and it's segments called, "Where in the world is Matt Lauer?"  Well, this Christmas, I am going to be making posts titled, "Where in the world is Nicey?"  I'm going to have that tune stuck in my head now.  

So the big question is... WHERE in the world has Nicey been these last 3 days?

DAY 1 - It's customary for Nicey to arrive onto the tree the morning after it's decorated.  So... here Nicey sat, waiting for the kids to greet him.  

Day 2 - Nicey got into a tad bit of mischief.  It was kind of him to remind the kiddies to "brush [their] teeth", but did he have to be so messy about it?  You must know this killed me to have toothpaste on the counter all day long :)

The kids were hysterically laughing when they saw this.

Day 3 - Nicey enjoys a candle light, bubble marshmallow bath.  He came prepared: men's soap and/or a bar of soap, and a washcloth.  My favorite little detail is his shower cap.  I LOVE IT!  I can't wait for the kids to see it in the a.m.


Peppermint Christmas Tree


That's right.... a $1 bag of peppermints & a $1 styrofoam tree.  
Take the wrappers off of the peppermints as well as the styrofoam tree.  Hot glue mints onto styrofoam tree and walaa!!!  
A gorgeous Christmas decoration for $2.  Oh by the way, it literally took me 5 minutes to make this.  That MIGHT be why there are a few flaws.  I was being commanded to go outside (by Ty).  He wanted to show off his basketball skills.  Maybe if you make this in 15 minutes, it will be flawless.  
Fortunately, although my kids are curious,
they know better than to touch mommy's "art".
I was a little concerned they would think this was an edible tree.  

Dollar Tree LOVER!!!

I'm going to start a series of posts called "Dollar Tree LOVER"!!  I bet, before long, this is what I post about MOST... well, besides my children.  The DOLLAR TREE ROCKS!  Let me just tell you.  If you haven't been, you're missing out.  If you don't go often, your missing out.  If you don't like it... YOU ARE CRAZY.  I will say, you can leave the Dollar Tree with multiple bags of JUNK and in the past, I was one of those individuals, but NOW, I don't leave that store with ONE piece of junk... well, unless you count junk food as junk :)  

Recently, I was introduced to these "pop up" laundry bags.  My stepmom is also a Dollar Tree LOVER and she found these handy laundry bags there.  I loved these bags so much, that I revamped my laundry organization by using these.  
If there is anything I loathe, it's laundry.  As a mom, everything has to be done in stages.  It's not abnormal to have a finished, wet load of laundry in the washing machine, a wrinkled, dry load laundry in the dryer, a few clean loads on the floor, and several large loads in the hamper.  NOT to mention hanging clothes that need to be hung in the closets and folded clothes that need to be put away in the dressers.  Oh yea, what about the clothes that need to go to the dry cleaner and the clothes that need ironing.  AHHHHHHHHHHHH!  Are you cringing yet?  I am.  

Anyway, here's what I decided to do...

Typically, I fold everyone's clothes and place them on their beds until I have time to put everything away.  This worked for some time, but NOW it does NOT work.  My kids wind up knocking the piles OVER and I have to REFOLD them. YUCK! In this house, we don't have time for duplicating efforts.
SO... instead, each family member has their very own, $1, pop up laundry basket... it's even personalized :)  After I fold everyone's laundry, the clothes go into the mesh basket. THEN, when time permits, I put everything away.  
I'm really glad Darren isn't a large guy.
His clothes just made it into the basket.
"D", don't gain 1 pound :)
LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!  When the baskets are empty - ahem - NEVER - I can collapse them and store them away. YEA!!!!!!!!!!  You might be thinking, "Duh - I have one too, it's called a laundry basket."  But is your laundry basket bulky, heavy, and expensive?  Uh-yea.  I think so.
You can tell who has the MOST laundry!!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Darren Performs "Gangman Style"

Enjoy my handsome husband performing "Gangman Style". It's the only time I will allow him to dance with another woman!!! :) Ahahahaha!

Candy Turkeys!!!

If I had a choice, this is the way I'd prefer to eat Turkey.  Of all of the foods in the world, I'd rather eat pigs feet or frog legs than Turkey.  There's just something about it that is NOT appealing to me.  So, I chose to eat HAM at our Thanksgiving table.  

On Thanksgiving day, I prepared several "crafts" for the kids.  

The first one was candy apple turkeys!!!!   What you need...

An assortment of colorful candies or marshmallows

YES.......... I GOT this idea OFF OF PINTEREST.  I LOATH when people ask that question.  Haha.  No one thinks for themselves anymore :)

The kids had a blast and wound up eating the apples more so over the candy, surprisingly.  They weren't fans of the "fruit" marshmallows or the gumdrops.  Strange, but true.
I am so thankful that Tyson
Is still willing to be a part of these craft times!
I know sooner than later,
It will probably be beneath him :(
My Jaxey Jo! 
Here's another moment of wild/crazy, undone hair!
Sometimes, you just gotta let things go!!!
Aren't you proud of me?
I have to say, looking at this photo though
It makes me wonder what I was thinking :)

PS.  Lilah had a FAT lip and swollen nose in this photo.
The kids were playing hide and seek and Lilah and Jax collided. 

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I had HIGH hopes of blogging, while at my dad's home, for Thanksgiving, but we were constantly on our feet, thanks to those 5 little blessings under the age of 7.  Here is a belated Happy Thanksgiving from OUR home to YOURS.  I hope you were able to relax, laugh, enjoy the delicious foods prepared for you, and count all of those amazing blessings that God has given to you in this lifetime.  Here are some of the things I am so thankful for:

My GOD, my Savior, HIS WORD, the Holy Spirit, my church, my HUSBAND, my CHILDREN, my family, my friends, a warm home, a hot shower, food to fill my tummy, laughter, joy, accountability from my sister's in Christ, my PASTORS, my van, my ability to abide in Christ, my washer/dryer (haha), my 5 senses, and so much more............
Our plates were already cleaned off!!!
Such piggies.
Tyson wasn't really this miserable.  LOL!
He was just not interested in getting his photo taken.
My sweet husband was the only one who "dressed up" for Thanksgiving.  We almost let the kids stay in pjs all day and we actually let the kids hair go undone... SO NOT like the OCD Kristin and Carlene.  

Monday, November 26, 2012


I'm speechless!!!! I love this man's deliverance.  He is realllllly talented.  Please watch this video.  PLEASE.  What an upmost GRACE and an abundance of TRUTH!  I am so thankful for it!

Glenvar Pee Wee End of the Year Highlights

Darren created an end of the year video of Ty and his team's highlights!!!  It's long, but fun to watch.  The tunes are pretty catchy too.  Ty is #7.

Our After Thanksgiving Tradition

Every year after Thanksgiving, we take the kids out, on Black Friday, to sit on Santa's lap, with my dad's side of the family. One year, we had over 15 people sitting on his lap.  :)  This year, it was just our family, my stepmom, and my two littlest sisters!!!  At least no one ended up crying like years past.  
After this photo, I went to pay for the picture and Carlene and I were fighting over who was going to pay, so I got side tracked and left my wallet at the check out counter.  I thought I left my wallet in the van and when I got to the van and it was NO WHERE to be found.  I started to panic.  YES, I really LOST my wallet, at a mall, on the BIGGEST shopping day of the year.  I had $45, 10 credit cards, my license, my social security card, and $225 in Kroger gift cards inside of my wallet. After much back tracking and leaving the mall, going all the way home, mall security assured me they had it.  I had to call the mall twice.  The first time they did NOT have it.  Ironically, Santa Claus turned my wallet in.  That is, for sure, the best gift Santa Claus has EVER given to me.  Unfortunately, I think Santa treated himself to lunch because $25 out of the $45 dollars was missing from my wallet, but I am going to just consider myself BLESSED that that's all that was missing.  

Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Gospel

Basketball Season has BEGUN!

Tyson has been waiting patiently to turn 7 so that he could be on a rec basketball league.  Ty's first practice was today!  I love his enthusiasm about this sport.  Check out the head gear.  Haha.  It wouldn't look so redneck, if Ty hadn't just lost a front tooth (post to follow one day :).  Darren is the assistant coach.  While Ty and Darren were at B-ball practice, the twins and I stayed home to finish decorating for Christmas.  

Look at these cuties!!! So professional looking!

Comfortable or Uncomfortable... The 1,000,000 Question?

We have a very spacious, 4 bedroom house, but the kids ALWAYS want to sleep in ONE bed.  Hey... it sure does make it easier on the bed-making knotzie.  Tonight, I went in to Ty's room to unplug Tyson's Christmas tree and I found Jax like this.  I felt so bad.  I have since moved Jax to the floor.  He is sleeping on Lilah's window seat cushion.  We have church tomorrow and the less bed's there are to make, the better our Sabbath will be :)
PS.  Ignore Tyson's bedding.  Haha.  It's OLD college bedding of mine.  His bedding is on back order until November 24th. Grrrrr!!!

What's that delicious smell?

I am addicted to delicious smells.  I have air fresheners for my car, for my clothes, and for almost every wall outlet in my house. Last year, after Christmas, I bought a TON OF STUFF from Bath & Body works, on sale for like 90%.  I had plans of giving it to the kids' school teachers, but after unpacking the items, this weekend, I chose to be greedy and keep it ALL for myself. LOL!  I treated myself to (2) large candles from B&B works and (7) Christmas scented "wallflowers".  Normally, a value of over $67.00, but I paid $7.00.  Just another steal that I could NOT pass up.  

Anyway, the POINT of this post is to share, with you, what delicious smells are coming from my house!  Here is what's seeping into the air in our home.
I love when the stores put out certain smells that represent the time of year we are currently in!!! I'm not sure which scent I am loving the most out of all of these, but one thing is for sure... my house smells DELISH!

Thursday, November 15, 2012


Other than FREE, this is the BEST steal/deal I have EVER come across.  Check it out...

I have been on the look out for a black and white damask ironing board cover.  I even told my dear friend Ashely, "If you see one... buy it and I'll pay you back!"  I went to Michael's on Wednesday to buy pine cones (for a craft) - side note - they are scented and still in my van from Wednesday - my car smells delish!  Sorry for the distraction.  
I wanted this cover to match this photo.
Do you remember my "sensational 6" bought it for me?
Anyway, I, of course, didn't just take advantage of the pine cones being outside of the store by heading straight to the register.  I got persuaded to look around.  LOL!  Doesn't take much.  Upon arriving to the "clearance" aisle, I became overwhelmed by the disorganization, but then I said, "What the heck!  Just look for a second!"  Within seconds, I spotted one lonely, all by itself, black and white damask ironing board cover.  HUH?  In Michael's Arts and Crafts????  I thought "Surely this really isn't a clearance item.  It must be misplaced."
Originally $17.99
As I approached the registers and began checking out, I decided to watch the screen like a hawk, just to make sure everything I had in my cart was indeed on sale.  When it came time for the ironing board cover to be scanned, I said, "This item was in the clearance section, but I am not sure if it should have been.  It seemed misplaced."  The cashier/manager scanned it and it rang up.... WAIT.... you ready for this??????

The original cost of this cover was $17.99 and I got it for...
The manager was thrilled to give it to me and I was thrilled to receive it, but I will say, she was NOT happy with her employes.  She immediately got on her walkie talkies and started expressing her distaste with them, exclaiming, "Employees, there are still penny items on the floor!"  LOL!  Apparently, these items have been marked down so low, that they are supposed to be shipped back to the distribution center.  I just so happened to get LUCKY!  
WHO WOULD EVER IMAGINE buying an item in the store for 

1 PENNY?????

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Baby Belcher's Monster Bash!

It's hard to believe the ONCE surrogate mother to my twins is now pregnant herself.  I was so excited to attend Kaitlyn's baby shower hosted by her small group.  They did an insanely SCARY cute job!!!!  I wish I had captured more photos of the pregnant mommy.  She looks amazing!!!  Tall, slender, with a little bump in the front.  
 Kaitlyn is pregnant with a little baby boy!
The theme of his nursery is MONSTERS!!!  
I love it!!!!
 The showers favors.
 They will name him WATSON!
 The monster cake.
 Tabby said the cake didn't travel well.  LOL!
Good thing monsters can look messy :)
 A monster centerpiece made by Kaitlyn Blankenship.
 All of the artwork posted was painted by Nalee.  
It was given to Kaitlyn, from Tabby, as part of her gift
For Baby Watson nursery.  TOO CUTE!
 My new favorite nursery theme.  
I was able to sneak in a photo with the twins other surrogate :) 
We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of Shawn and Kaitlyn's first born.  Now it will be my turn to love on her little one.  May God's blessings be upon you throughout these next few weeks and during labor/delivery.  

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

One Man's Junk, Is Another Man's Treasure.

Today, the YMCA had a "book fair".  At the Halloween party they hosted, they asked each person, who attended, to bring a book to donate.  Weeks later, they used these books to create a book fair.  EVERY BOOK was 25 cents each.  I couldn't believe it.  The best part is that all proceeds will go to support their mission, to develop youth leaders, through their Model General Assembly and Teen Leaders Club.  There are several high schoolers who cannot afford to go to Washington D.C. for the experience and the proceeds will pay their way.  

Our children LOVE to read.  I was so excited to buy books that ranged anywhere from $3.95 - $16.95 for .25 cents.  AND they are in MINT/LIKE NEW condition.
Ty's stash!
Mad Libs are still in the plastic wrapping. 
$3.95 vs. .25 Cents 
$16.95 vs. .25 Cents
$12.95 vs. .25 Cents
Jax's stash!!!
Lilah's stash!
I got all 17 books for $4.00.  What a steal!  I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!