Sunday, November 18, 2012

What's that delicious smell?

I am addicted to delicious smells.  I have air fresheners for my car, for my clothes, and for almost every wall outlet in my house. Last year, after Christmas, I bought a TON OF STUFF from Bath & Body works, on sale for like 90%.  I had plans of giving it to the kids' school teachers, but after unpacking the items, this weekend, I chose to be greedy and keep it ALL for myself. LOL!  I treated myself to (2) large candles from B&B works and (7) Christmas scented "wallflowers".  Normally, a value of over $67.00, but I paid $7.00.  Just another steal that I could NOT pass up.  

Anyway, the POINT of this post is to share, with you, what delicious smells are coming from my house!  Here is what's seeping into the air in our home.
I love when the stores put out certain smells that represent the time of year we are currently in!!! I'm not sure which scent I am loving the most out of all of these, but one thing is for sure... my house smells DELISH!