Monday, November 26, 2012

Our After Thanksgiving Tradition

Every year after Thanksgiving, we take the kids out, on Black Friday, to sit on Santa's lap, with my dad's side of the family. One year, we had over 15 people sitting on his lap.  :)  This year, it was just our family, my stepmom, and my two littlest sisters!!!  At least no one ended up crying like years past.  
After this photo, I went to pay for the picture and Carlene and I were fighting over who was going to pay, so I got side tracked and left my wallet at the check out counter.  I thought I left my wallet in the van and when I got to the van and it was NO WHERE to be found.  I started to panic.  YES, I really LOST my wallet, at a mall, on the BIGGEST shopping day of the year.  I had $45, 10 credit cards, my license, my social security card, and $225 in Kroger gift cards inside of my wallet. After much back tracking and leaving the mall, going all the way home, mall security assured me they had it.  I had to call the mall twice.  The first time they did NOT have it.  Ironically, Santa Claus turned my wallet in.  That is, for sure, the best gift Santa Claus has EVER given to me.  Unfortunately, I think Santa treated himself to lunch because $25 out of the $45 dollars was missing from my wallet, but I am going to just consider myself BLESSED that that's all that was missing.