Sunday, November 18, 2012

Comfortable or Uncomfortable... The 1,000,000 Question?

We have a very spacious, 4 bedroom house, but the kids ALWAYS want to sleep in ONE bed.  Hey... it sure does make it easier on the bed-making knotzie.  Tonight, I went in to Ty's room to unplug Tyson's Christmas tree and I found Jax like this.  I felt so bad.  I have since moved Jax to the floor.  He is sleeping on Lilah's window seat cushion.  We have church tomorrow and the less bed's there are to make, the better our Sabbath will be :)
PS.  Ignore Tyson's bedding.  Haha.  It's OLD college bedding of mine.  His bedding is on back order until November 24th. Grrrrr!!!