Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Candy Turkeys!!!

If I had a choice, this is the way I'd prefer to eat Turkey.  Of all of the foods in the world, I'd rather eat pigs feet or frog legs than Turkey.  There's just something about it that is NOT appealing to me.  So, I chose to eat HAM at our Thanksgiving table.  

On Thanksgiving day, I prepared several "crafts" for the kids.  

The first one was candy apple turkeys!!!!   What you need...

An assortment of colorful candies or marshmallows

YES.......... I GOT this idea OFF OF PINTEREST.  I LOATH when people ask that question.  Haha.  No one thinks for themselves anymore :)

The kids had a blast and wound up eating the apples more so over the candy, surprisingly.  They weren't fans of the "fruit" marshmallows or the gumdrops.  Strange, but true.
I am so thankful that Tyson
Is still willing to be a part of these craft times!
I know sooner than later,
It will probably be beneath him :(
My Jaxey Jo! 
Here's another moment of wild/crazy, undone hair!
Sometimes, you just gotta let things go!!!
Aren't you proud of me?
I have to say, looking at this photo though
It makes me wonder what I was thinking :)

PS.  Lilah had a FAT lip and swollen nose in this photo.
The kids were playing hide and seek and Lilah and Jax collided.