Thursday, February 28, 2013

More snow....

WOW!  We have been given an abundance of snow this Winter.  Some days it was just enough to inconvenience the school system and switch up everyone's agendas, but after almost 5 Fridays, in a row, of no school - due to snow - I just decided to make the most of my time with the kids.  
We finally used our "ink" snowman kit!  That is one thing about mommies... 
They don't mind getting creative in the snow.  Daddies just want to sleigh ride and throw snow balls.  
I am not a fan of cold weather or being cold... I'm just not.  But, I am reading an amazing book called, "Desperate"; and the night before this particular snow fell, I was reading a chapter on "selfishness". The author was writing about how she used to loath the snow for so many reasons.  A few of her reasons were...


Home bound
Kids who desire to go outside
Dressing Kids in layers (which takes 20 minutes or more)
Then the kids play outside for only 2 minutes because they are COLD (reminds me of the Thanksgiving dinner that takes days to prep and hours to cook and then it takes everyone 2 minutes to eat).
Did I say wet laundry?
Sally Mae (the author) turned her pessimism around and said (not verbatim), "Motherhood is a grand calling.  How dare I dread having to go out in the snow with my children.  What a dull mother I am."
God was so instrumental in offering me that chapter, the night before HE KNEW it was going to snow and HE KNEW Darren would NOT be home to be the kids playmate. So I took on the same attitude AND I WENT OUTSIDE WITH MY KIDS!  I have to say, it felt good to be the mom who played in the snow with her kids.  I never got cold either.  Praise you God for even these little changes in my heart and the "BIG" moments, to my kids, in my life as a parent.  
 Yes!  That is a LARGE piece of drainage hanging from poor Jax's nose!  So gross.
And now, I no longer have to hear, "Mom, you are so boring when it snows!"

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The FIRST, but DEFINITELY not the last!

A BLACK eye!

Jax was sent to bed, with Lilah and Ty, for the night and all of them were told, "No goofing off.  Do not get out of bed or else..."  Well, he did not listen, so we beat him. LOL! NOT!!!!! I could never do this to my sweet Jax.  Now Tyson on the other hand, possibly.  LOL!!! No seriously, he disobeyed, got out of bed, and heard me coming to check in on them.  He got so scared, he ran into his dresser.  This is the result... days later.  It looks like he's wearing purple eye shadow.  

It's the first black eye, but DEFINITELY, not the last, I am sure.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

What's on my night stand?

For my birthday, one of the gifts Darren gave me was this AMAZING book, titled, "DESPERATE".  I started reading it last night and I cannot put it down.  Ok... I guess I can put it down if I am blogging, but I am blogging about the book, so technically, I am still thinking about it. :)

I love what one person wrote after reading this book,

"Every single mom needs to read Desperate!  Sally and Sarah Mae have hit right at the heart of an epidemic that is sweeping our nation.  In our fast paced culture of today, moms are more exhausted than ever, lacking mentorship, and needing real encouragement... and a break.  Desperate will bring sweet comfort to your soul and inspire you to embrace the role that God has given you like never before." 

- Ruth Schwene, Speaker, Writer, and Creator of

I love this book because it's not a book which includes a bunch of theories or steps on how to parent.  Nothing more overwhelms me than those types of books.  This book is real! It contains an author that is "right into the thick of it" and another author who has had the in-depth experience.  So far, each chapter I have read, comforts and inspires.  

I hope EVERY mother takes the time to read this book!!!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Cohen "Sleeps" Over

It was the long anticipated "sleep over"!  Cohen and Jax are truly best buddies. Cohen is all Jax talks about.  He loves him to pieces as if he was his very own blood brother.  SO, I agreed to allow Cohen to come over to play and "sleep" over during nap.  
I attempted to wear them out first.  We played in the cold weather, driving Jax's new "ride" from Santa.
Then, I allowed them to get out all of that BOY energy pretending to be super heros.  
I love this shot.  Cohen was in his glory.  Surprisingly, Jax was keeping up with Cohen.  
Finally, a round of Angry Bird fun.  Cohen never leaves home without them.
Play time was over and I thought I successfully snapped a photo of the three of them "sleeping".  If you look really, really, really, closely, you can see Cohen's eyes opened.  I had no idea, at the time, because Jax's room was dark and because Cohen didn't even flinch at the flash.
I wound up having to move "Co" to Lilah's room.  He was having a hard time falling asleep.  When I went back up to the room to check on him, he was asleep (after 1.5 hours of goofing off).  I found evidence of applied make-up...
Thigh-high boots being tried on...
And the spider-girl costume being worn.  It appears as if he was unsuccessful with the costume.  Could it be is lack of a girl-ish figure?  
He ended his shenanigans with a girly bible devotional.

It hind sight, I should have never made him fall asleep.  Oh well... the remains of his playtime was hysterical.  It had his mommy laughing so hard she cried.  Too view all of their fun, double click on the photo album below.

A Team Photo of Ty's Basketball Team

I had no idea the parents were snapping photos of the boys together as a team.  By the time I caught on, I had to regroup the team to let me take another shot.  It was a shot with my iphone which ended up being blurry.  :(  Maybe at their banquet I will get a better quality shot. For now, here are the boys being "goofy".  
I never realized how short Darren is until the almost 8 foot tall coach stands next to him.  LOL!

Light in Darkness

Even though Tyson is not yet saved, the seeds are being planted and our prayers are steadfast, that God's will is for salvation, to occur, in Tyson's life.  We haven't put much thought into our decision for sending Tyson to public school, but if asked, Darren would say, "We are called to be a light in this dark world."  This little note, sent home from Tyson's teacher, is evidence that he is being a light in darkness. We are praising God for Tyson's ability to serve his teacher and to be an example to his classmates.  Now... if only that could transfer to home :)  LOL! 
"Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit." ~Matthew 28:19

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!!! Love the "BOWLINGS"

We had a nice chance to sneak away from NORMALCY on Valentine's Day!  I allowed the kids to skip their nap and go bowling.  

Here are a few of my favorite pics!  Or you can view them ALL, by double clicking on the photo album below.

We all really enjoyed ourselves and each other!

Valentine's Day 2013

Just a few photos were captured on Valentine's Day!!!  It's my favorite holiday, aside from Christ's birth and I enjoy making it special for my sweet, lovable family.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Super Bowl 2013 Ravens vs. 49ers

Super Bowl 2013 was spent alone with our family of 5.  Daddy let us order in Mamma Maria's.  YUM! Pizza, chicken parm subs, and pino gelato ice cream.  Who could beat that?  I went out to pick it up and surprised the kids with some slurpees.  I even picked Darren up a little surprise too!  This was the first super bowl I have EVER watched till the end and with interest. The kids lost interest quickly, but Darren and I finished watching it in bed together.  It was rather relaxing and fun to watch a football game with my husband.  This might be the beginning of a new episode in our marriage. :)

Sadly, my children were a witness to MANY things I would have NEVER allowed their eyes to view, had I known, IN ADVANCE, what was going to be displayed.  Why do commercials and half time shows have to be so gross and provocative to receive good reviews or great attention?  Has it be considered that innocent eyes are watching this "family event"?  Annoying!

Here's one of the VERY FIRST commercials my poor children had to witness.  You can tell how disgusted Jax is.  The first picture I took, you could read his lips saying... "EWE!"  AND I AGREE.  This commercial was appalling.

To add insult to injury, my daughter's eyes were PEALED to the television during the half time show.  I was taking a shower or something and when I got out, Darren yelled for me to come downstairs.  He said, "When Beyonce came out, Lilah asked me in all seriousness, if that was you!"  I guess my daughter is used to seeing a BIG HAIRED woman walking around in lingerie in our home.  LOL!  I asked Lilah, "Why did you think that was me?  She is a black lady!"  Lilah replied, "She's not black!  I thought she looked like you because you both have the same hair." Shew!!!  Her response could have been way worse :)  Yet again, ANOTHER, disappointing aspect to the Super Bowl. Being Beyonce is a mother, you'd think she'd have better taste in her wardrobe choices.

Next year, we may have to turn the television off during the commercials and half time show. It's just not worth ruining my children's innocence.

"I will not set before my eyes anything that is worthless." ~Psalm 101:3


A random, yet beautiful surprise,
For a week filled with tears.

"Friends are like flowers, they brighten your day!" 

Storm destruction...

The best gift that my children have ever received was demolished last week, by high, stormy winds.  I had the scare of my life, when I heard, "Mooooooooooooooooom, an airplane just landed in our yard." I turned around, and as I watched Tyson's eyes look outside in amazement, my heart pounded through my chest, thinking I was about to witness an airplane and a ton of deceased people in our backyard.  Fortunately, either I heard him wrong or his eyes failed him. UNFORTUNATELY, the winds demolished Tyson's Christmas present - the trampoline.  

Oddly enough, I called Sam's Club and was completely honest with them.  I told them exactly what happened and they said we could return it.  I was stunned.  It took my husband several hours, in the freezing cold, to dismantle it, and load it into my van.  The looks and stares we received as we walked into Sam's Club with three full shopping carts filled with metal, wires, nuts, and bolts, were priceless.  I bet we were "those people" who return the strangest and most ridiculous things.

We received a store credit with the hopes of getting the kids another one come Spring.  Darren was just not up for putting together another one in the freezing cold weather.  He's also not sure he can recruit the help again.  This gift was a fabulous gift.  It was good exercise and the kid's laughter was heard throughout the entire neighborhood.  I enjoyed sending them out, while I cooked dinner, in peace, to get out that extra energy before dinner.  I'm just trying not to dwell on it and I am just thankful that the kids were NOT on the trampoline when the storm came.