Thursday, February 21, 2013

Cohen "Sleeps" Over

It was the long anticipated "sleep over"!  Cohen and Jax are truly best buddies. Cohen is all Jax talks about.  He loves him to pieces as if he was his very own blood brother.  SO, I agreed to allow Cohen to come over to play and "sleep" over during nap.  
I attempted to wear them out first.  We played in the cold weather, driving Jax's new "ride" from Santa.
Then, I allowed them to get out all of that BOY energy pretending to be super heros.  
I love this shot.  Cohen was in his glory.  Surprisingly, Jax was keeping up with Cohen.  
Finally, a round of Angry Bird fun.  Cohen never leaves home without them.
Play time was over and I thought I successfully snapped a photo of the three of them "sleeping".  If you look really, really, really, closely, you can see Cohen's eyes opened.  I had no idea, at the time, because Jax's room was dark and because Cohen didn't even flinch at the flash.
I wound up having to move "Co" to Lilah's room.  He was having a hard time falling asleep.  When I went back up to the room to check on him, he was asleep (after 1.5 hours of goofing off).  I found evidence of applied make-up...
Thigh-high boots being tried on...
And the spider-girl costume being worn.  It appears as if he was unsuccessful with the costume.  Could it be is lack of a girl-ish figure?  
He ended his shenanigans with a girly bible devotional.

It hind sight, I should have never made him fall asleep.  Oh well... the remains of his playtime was hysterical.  It had his mommy laughing so hard she cried.  Too view all of their fun, double click on the photo album below.