Sunday, February 24, 2013

What's on my night stand?

For my birthday, one of the gifts Darren gave me was this AMAZING book, titled, "DESPERATE".  I started reading it last night and I cannot put it down.  Ok... I guess I can put it down if I am blogging, but I am blogging about the book, so technically, I am still thinking about it. :)

I love what one person wrote after reading this book,

"Every single mom needs to read Desperate!  Sally and Sarah Mae have hit right at the heart of an epidemic that is sweeping our nation.  In our fast paced culture of today, moms are more exhausted than ever, lacking mentorship, and needing real encouragement... and a break.  Desperate will bring sweet comfort to your soul and inspire you to embrace the role that God has given you like never before." 

- Ruth Schwene, Speaker, Writer, and Creator of

I love this book because it's not a book which includes a bunch of theories or steps on how to parent.  Nothing more overwhelms me than those types of books.  This book is real! It contains an author that is "right into the thick of it" and another author who has had the in-depth experience.  So far, each chapter I have read, comforts and inspires.  

I hope EVERY mother takes the time to read this book!!!