Friday, February 8, 2013

Super Bowl 2013 Ravens vs. 49ers

Super Bowl 2013 was spent alone with our family of 5.  Daddy let us order in Mamma Maria's.  YUM! Pizza, chicken parm subs, and pino gelato ice cream.  Who could beat that?  I went out to pick it up and surprised the kids with some slurpees.  I even picked Darren up a little surprise too!  This was the first super bowl I have EVER watched till the end and with interest. The kids lost interest quickly, but Darren and I finished watching it in bed together.  It was rather relaxing and fun to watch a football game with my husband.  This might be the beginning of a new episode in our marriage. :)

Sadly, my children were a witness to MANY things I would have NEVER allowed their eyes to view, had I known, IN ADVANCE, what was going to be displayed.  Why do commercials and half time shows have to be so gross and provocative to receive good reviews or great attention?  Has it be considered that innocent eyes are watching this "family event"?  Annoying!

Here's one of the VERY FIRST commercials my poor children had to witness.  You can tell how disgusted Jax is.  The first picture I took, you could read his lips saying... "EWE!"  AND I AGREE.  This commercial was appalling.

To add insult to injury, my daughter's eyes were PEALED to the television during the half time show.  I was taking a shower or something and when I got out, Darren yelled for me to come downstairs.  He said, "When Beyonce came out, Lilah asked me in all seriousness, if that was you!"  I guess my daughter is used to seeing a BIG HAIRED woman walking around in lingerie in our home.  LOL!  I asked Lilah, "Why did you think that was me?  She is a black lady!"  Lilah replied, "She's not black!  I thought she looked like you because you both have the same hair." Shew!!!  Her response could have been way worse :)  Yet again, ANOTHER, disappointing aspect to the Super Bowl. Being Beyonce is a mother, you'd think she'd have better taste in her wardrobe choices.

Next year, we may have to turn the television off during the commercials and half time show. It's just not worth ruining my children's innocence.

"I will not set before my eyes anything that is worthless." ~Psalm 101:3