Friday, February 8, 2013

Storm destruction...

The best gift that my children have ever received was demolished last week, by high, stormy winds.  I had the scare of my life, when I heard, "Mooooooooooooooooom, an airplane just landed in our yard." I turned around, and as I watched Tyson's eyes look outside in amazement, my heart pounded through my chest, thinking I was about to witness an airplane and a ton of deceased people in our backyard.  Fortunately, either I heard him wrong or his eyes failed him. UNFORTUNATELY, the winds demolished Tyson's Christmas present - the trampoline.  

Oddly enough, I called Sam's Club and was completely honest with them.  I told them exactly what happened and they said we could return it.  I was stunned.  It took my husband several hours, in the freezing cold, to dismantle it, and load it into my van.  The looks and stares we received as we walked into Sam's Club with three full shopping carts filled with metal, wires, nuts, and bolts, were priceless.  I bet we were "those people" who return the strangest and most ridiculous things.

We received a store credit with the hopes of getting the kids another one come Spring.  Darren was just not up for putting together another one in the freezing cold weather.  He's also not sure he can recruit the help again.  This gift was a fabulous gift.  It was good exercise and the kid's laughter was heard throughout the entire neighborhood.  I enjoyed sending them out, while I cooked dinner, in peace, to get out that extra energy before dinner.  I'm just trying not to dwell on it and I am just thankful that the kids were NOT on the trampoline when the storm came.