Thursday, February 28, 2013

More snow....

WOW!  We have been given an abundance of snow this Winter.  Some days it was just enough to inconvenience the school system and switch up everyone's agendas, but after almost 5 Fridays, in a row, of no school - due to snow - I just decided to make the most of my time with the kids.  
We finally used our "ink" snowman kit!  That is one thing about mommies... 
They don't mind getting creative in the snow.  Daddies just want to sleigh ride and throw snow balls.  
I am not a fan of cold weather or being cold... I'm just not.  But, I am reading an amazing book called, "Desperate"; and the night before this particular snow fell, I was reading a chapter on "selfishness". The author was writing about how she used to loath the snow for so many reasons.  A few of her reasons were...


Home bound
Kids who desire to go outside
Dressing Kids in layers (which takes 20 minutes or more)
Then the kids play outside for only 2 minutes because they are COLD (reminds me of the Thanksgiving dinner that takes days to prep and hours to cook and then it takes everyone 2 minutes to eat).
Did I say wet laundry?
Sally Mae (the author) turned her pessimism around and said (not verbatim), "Motherhood is a grand calling.  How dare I dread having to go out in the snow with my children.  What a dull mother I am."
God was so instrumental in offering me that chapter, the night before HE KNEW it was going to snow and HE KNEW Darren would NOT be home to be the kids playmate. So I took on the same attitude AND I WENT OUTSIDE WITH MY KIDS!  I have to say, it felt good to be the mom who played in the snow with her kids.  I never got cold either.  Praise you God for even these little changes in my heart and the "BIG" moments, to my kids, in my life as a parent.  
 Yes!  That is a LARGE piece of drainage hanging from poor Jax's nose!  So gross.
And now, I no longer have to hear, "Mom, you are so boring when it snows!"