Friday, June 27, 2014


Lilah begged and begged to paint my nails the other night.  Sigh... what a disaster.  Let's just say, she hasn't learned to "color in the lines" just yet.  Not only did my nails get painted, but so did my hands.  AND this manicurist came with high demands, "You better not take this off MOM!"  Sheesh!  Okay, okay... I didn't listen though.  Within 2 minutes after she went to bed, I took it off.  It was KILLING me.  LOL!  

Pool Day With The Wilson Family!

We had a final playdate with the Wilson family before they move on Monday :( What was supposed to be a 2 hour playdate, turned into 4.  LOL!  The weather was gorgeous and the kids had a blast.  You can tell from the pics below!

Below, Lilah and Hilary (Ty's friend) enjoy the pool together.  She was so sweet to Lilah.  Treated her just like a BIG sister would/should.
Wilson family, we will be praying for your move to go smoothly.  You have a looooong few weeks ahead of you.  Remember to rely on God for the strength you need.  
 We will miss you all!

Are these Lilah's friends or Tyson's?  Grant and Lilah run around the pool, chasing one another.
 Hillary and Ty have been classmates for several years now.
 You can tell who likes to be a class clown.
From, Virginia to Iowa they go.  You may live far, but you will never be forgotten.  We are so glad to have been able to enjoy your time in Salem.  Thanks, Holly, for all of your help this past year with transporting Ty home from SCA meetings.  It was a HUGE blessing.

Having To Move.... Really BLOWS!!!!

Oddly enough, TODAY, I said goodbye to TWO families: ONE moving to New Hampshire and ONE moving to Iowa.  Those states seem unknown to me, LOL.  It's so sad saying goodbye.  This is the second classmate since December, that Tyson is close with, that he has had to receive the "awful" news that they are moving far, far, far away.

First Joey, now Hillary and Grant (siblings).  I try my best to send close friends off with a little something, welcoming them into their new home.  Holly, their mommy, and Lisa (my neighbor) were wonderful friends that I connected well with.  We were able to build a repoire over the last few years and it will be sad to not have them so close.  I needed a little something for both parent and child, so I chose to make this fun gift.

It's titled, "Having To Move... Really BLOWS!!!  We Will Miss You!"
I created the printable on my own, so if you need it or want it, just shoot me an email.  I can send you the attachment.  I'm always happy to share my ideas and printables with anyone.  You could probably make it a tad more exciting maybe by cutting the circle with scalloped scissors or something, but I was totally in a time crunch.  I can't believe I was able to throw this together, as quickly as I did, early this am.  
It's basically a lollipop bouquet, but I added a gift to Bed, Bath, and Beyond, for the mommies to use for their new homes.
I am thankful to have known these ladies/families as long as I did.  I am thankful for media now a days.  I know they will be able to keep up with our family, by using our blog, as well as Instagram.  And a good'ol fashion phone call will always be nice too! I told Holly, "Don't look at it as goodbye, but rather see ya later!" I felt so bad seeing tears in her eyes. Moving really  "BLOWS!"
What Do We Need?
A plant pot or basket
Floral Foam
Crinkle Paper
Fun Straws Or Wooden Skewers
Blow Pop Lollipops
Hot Glue

Most of the above items you can find at the Dollar Tree or Wal-mart.  I am so thankful my gift closet has a NICE collection of possible, future "needs" because I had most everything on hand. Honestly, the most expensive item was the blow pops. I know I could have purchased them at the Dollar Tree, but I decided to do this VERY LAST minute, and I had to purchase them at our local grocery store, since the Dollar Tree wasn't open. Basic directions: assemble and stuff!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Princess In Training!

There is nothing COOLER than having a little girl... well, I speak for myself.  I think every woman needs a little girl.  Be it your own child, a niece, a granddaughter, a close friend's child, a young congregation member at your church, W-H-A-T-E-V-E-R and H-O-W-E-V-E-R you need to get your hands on one, and often.  Girls are definitely "harder" in my opinion, but they are also MORE fun.  Naturally, daughters like what their mommies likes.  I am sometimes called "The Princess", by my Sensational 6, haha. Having a "Princess In Training", of my own, to do life with, is so fun!!!!! If you'd like to borrow her to see, oh trust me, she'd go in a heart beat.

Below, is basically an "iPhone dump" of pictures I have yet to put on my blog.  It's kind of a good thing because NOW I have a post idea, LOL! All of the photos below were taken on different days, but it goes to show you how much of a girly girl she really is.  

Spa Treatment
Lilah's SPA birthday party had a facial mask in it and the day after her party, she asked if she could do it.  So, we did.  She laughed the entire time. OH and check out the fake nails too!
Boy Bands
We were at Barnes and Noble.  I turned my back for ONE second and she had found these books, collected them, laid them out, and was prepared to view them all. Have no fear, I put a stop to that FAST.  I told her the only boys she is allowed to love is her daddy and her two brothers and of course, one day, her husband.
 Lap Dogs
Lilah desperately wants a dog.  I, on the other hand, DO NOT.  I told her when she turns 16 she can have one, so that is what she tells everyone she comes in contact with. "When I am 16, my mommy said I can get a dog!"
Her first diary.  I helped her fill it out, but once she knows how to spell, she will be able to do this on her own. Little does she know, I have the extra key. :)  I was a little girl once.  I know all about what sometimes gets written in a diary.  LOL!
If there is ONE thing this girl loves, it is make-up and accessories.  O.M.G.  She is such a bag lady.  She has about 25 purses and an ungodly amount of jewelry.  This photo was taken at Myrtle Beach.  She was allowed to choose two souvenirs.  ONE was the purse she is carrying.  Lilah looks up to Cami so much, so she wanted to find the purse that Cami's grammy bought her, the last time she was in town.
HAHAHA.  This one cracks me up so much.  I said, "What are you doing?" She replied, "I'm putting creme on my face so I never look old!"
By the way, the above photos, are not exhaustive.  LOL!  She's also a homemaker in training.  She has started doing the dishes on her own and LOVES it.  Wastes a ton of soap and water, but LOVES it.  I'll have to snag a photo of her doing this and attach it in this post.  She loves to talk on her "phone" (an old cell phone), dance, sing, paint nails, dress up, wear my high heel shoes, and so much more... One of the things she is already doing, that drives me mad, is she's flirtatious with boys. We are definitely working on this. Most all of these things I have NOT taught her.  It's just embedded in her blood, as a female.

I tell Darren all the time, "She's so much fun!" But the reality is, she makes me nervous. It's a high calling to raise a little girl AND her life's outcome has high stakes on what she models, daily, in me. I want her to be who she is, fun, spunky, girly, and playful, but I am doing all that I can to guard her heart and her mind from things that could turn a potential godly woman into a wordily woman.  I've been reading a book called, "Girls gone WISE, in a world gone WILD!"  The book points out "wise" ways of living (according to God's word), verses "wordily" ways of living, according the world's own understanding.  Lilah and myself can use this helpful information to think differently from the way many women in today's society think, act, feel, and behave.  Check it out.  

Slip & Slide Videos

I failed to attached the videos of the Slip and Slide fun they had!  Tada! 

You know one question I always have when I  do something like this is though?  How long should one run the hose?  It's like you are pouring money onto your grass.  It's kinda hard for the grown up to have fun when you are watching money being wasted.  We played for 1.5 hours, maybe a little more, and I am dreading receiving our water bill.  LOL!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Homemade Slip&Slide

Yesterday, after the gym, I decided to cancel any responsible plans aka housework, and treat the kids to something.  We had decided on putt-putt golf, and at the very last second, I said, "What if we make a homemade slip and slide instead!" To my surprise, Ty was ALL FOR IT.  His response, "YEAAAAAAA!!!!" Jax still wanted to go putt-putt, but Ty always seems to be able to manipulate his way into what he wants with the twins.  

So, I stopped at Lowes and Ollies and picked up a few items that I thought would be helpful:

(4) 9ftx12ft Heavy Duty Drop Cloths (2 Mil)
NO TEAR Baby Shampoo - making the slip and slide slippery
A "rider" plastic float
I laid out the drop cloths and nailed them into the ground using some stakes that we have from our inflatable water slide.  See people, even when you have a $300 inflatable water slide, the kids still look for MORE.  Be sure, if you use more than ONE drop cloth, to over lap them properly or you will get hung up on them.
The kids waisted no time.
Slippin' and Slidin'
Jax's face is so funny in the below picture.
Ty gives the "rider" a try.
Our little princess, afraid of nothing, totally fearless.
I guess having two brothers makes her this way.
Ty had to create even MORE fun.  SURFING!!!
"Let's go surfing now!"
I was a tad nervous about this idea because I didn't want him to break his arm.
Then, when the surfing wasn't enough... they decided to pair up.
And go together at the same time.
Which meant wiping out at the same time!
Check out this action, water shot!
Jax lost interest rather quickly.  He wasn't a fan of the cold water. He's just like his mommy.
He chose to do archery instead.  Hmmmm, reminds me of water night at VBS.  Slip n' Slide and archery.
I love this kid.  He's my only self soother.
Once the soap ran out, the kids used the hose for some enjoyment.
They agreed to take turns spraying each other.
Then they foolishly turned the hose off, put the hose in their mouth, and had someone turn the hose back on.
The water would explode into their mouths.  Not very enjoyable, but hysterical to watch.
It was a spur of the moment thing.  Normally, I prefer to investigate things a little more and really plan it out, read reviews, pre-shop for it, etc. etc. etc.  Being spontaneous at times is fun, but I will be certain to look into better items for a homemade slip and slide.  The kids LOVED it and had a total BLAST, but I still think there is room for perfecting it.  I'm thinking baby oil is a way better choice because soap disintegrates fast.  Oil remains on the drop cloth.  I also think a tarp may be a more durable/sturdier option for the slide.  Either way, I was content when it was ALL said and done and Ty said, "Mom, I love days like these.  We had a blast just hanging out at home and now we can all go relax together!"  YUP.  That's what they did.  They came inside and ate a HUGE bowl of vanilla ice cream with sprinkles.

Let me know if you have any other reliable suggestions for a homemade slip and slide.  

I think TOTAL, it cost me about $12 (drop cloths, soap, and rider).  Not bad.  The best part is that you just throw it all away when you are done.  

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

little BIG League

Our little guy is getting so BIG!  The picture below shows how serious "Allstars Baseball" really is.  He had a 5 hour scrimmage on Sunday and has practice everyday this week, from 6:00-8:30 pm.  Ty looks forward to these moments every day.  He hasn't complained ONCE about the weather being hot, playing a position he doesn't love/deserve, or not wanting to go at all.  He LOVES being on this team and takes it as a total honor.  He is also thoroughly enjoying the fact that one of his bestest friends, Josh, is on his team.  He has known Josh since the day he was born. I was opposed to Ty being on the Allstar team, but when I see this picture, it makes me proud and I think I am okay with it now. 

Saturday, June 21, 2014

2014 Vacation Bible School PHOTOS

I am so blessed to be a part of a Church that shares the world, FULLY and truthfully, not fearing man, but fearing God.  It's the greatest story that anyone will ever hear. It's a story of man who lived an perfect life and sacrificed His life for the sins of those who believe. What a marvelous grace of God to save sinners such as myself.
The King aka Pastor Nick
The amazing backdrop, of Edendale, that congregation member Norah Smith painted.
The singers and dancers: Marybeth, Gretchen (Pastor's wife), and Julia (and also Aubrianna)
Erin, one of my BFFs, and Children's director responsible for VBS.
More dancing and singing.
The Squires: John, Ashton, and Bradey.
Praying to God for direction.
The evil angel comes to tempt the Squires! (Judy Pierce)
The dragon: representing satan!
The Squires who followed the scroll, throughout the entire story, inherited the Lord's kingdom!
For the sake of TIME, I did NOT caption all of pictures because there are well over 250 of them.  Enjoy a few of my very favorite photos above and below.  Feel free to view all 267 pictures by clicking on the Picasa photo album, other wise, enjoy my favs. Of course, if you have ANY questions about the photos, I would be happy to explain, so DO NOT hesitate to ask.

This year, I taught the uprising Kindergarteners.  It was nice teaching for a change.  It's fun being with the kids.
Lilah and Jax showing off their scrolls.
Physical Bible challenge.
Jax won the Bible challenge so he got to take three swings at the dragon piƱata, in front of the entire audience.
Jax was Mr. Popular this year.  He also got to partake in the final physical challenge on the last night.
Lilah was also chosen to be a part of the physical challenge one night.
 Water Night
A tarp slip and slide!
Firetruck sprays the kids!
Archery! Jake shows Jax what to do.  Check out his one eye shut.
WHO thought of this idea.  Boys of all ages with bows and arrows in hand?