Thursday, January 2, 2014

See You Later, Instead Of, Goodbye!

On the last day of school, before Winter break began, Tyson had to say "see ya later" to his best pal, at school, Joey Strong.  I recall the day Tyson ran off of the bus, crying, because Joey told him he would be moving to Pennsylvania.  For those of you who know Tyson, tears usually appear from anger, not sadness.  So as his mommy, my heart literally broke for him.  On the last day that Joey attended Fort Lewis Elementary, I put myself in Tyson's shoes, and broke down crying, alone, in my home.  Weird, I know, but it goes to show the depths of my love for Ty.  The days leading up to Joey's departure, Tyson and I discussed how we could  say "see ya later" to Joey, instead of goodbye.  

Tyson said, "I have an idea mom.  I want to pick out a notebook for Joey, write him a letter, and give it back to him.  Maybe we can mail it back and forth to each other."  

I replied, "Honey, that's a fantastic idea.  Then you all can stay in touch.  Basically, you'll be pen pals."  

So, off we went to Barnes and Noble.  Tyson found the perfect notebook for Joey. See below...
Joey is a comedian at heart and I think that's what had drawn Tyson to him.
The front of the notebook is totally funny to a child(ren) their age.

Before Joey left, we I sorta turned the notebook into a scrapbook.  
Inside cover.  
 On Friday, when Tyson got home from school, he wrote Joey the FIRST letter.
Page 1
 Page 2 - "What makes you my best friend…"
Page 3 - "I hate the feeling when you have to say goodbye to someone you want to spend every minute with."
 Page 4: "Remember when…"
 Page 5 - "This doesn't have to be GOODBYE, let's just make it a See You Later!"
 Page- 6 "Things to remember about me…"
 Page 7: "I'll miss you from here [Virginia] to Pennsylvania.
 Page 8 - "Why I'll Miss You…"
 Page 9 - "12 Ways to Say Good-bye"
 Page 10 - "Let's NOT Lose Touch"
We enclosed stamps and envelopes for Joey to use when sending his first reply back.
 The Back of the Notebook - "Coming To Faith In Christ"
Whether or not Joey and Tyson don't remain in touch, we wanted to leave Joey with a very important message/good news.
 Upon unpacking Tyson's bookbag, with the start of Winter break, I found this...
This card came BEFORE the notebook, but wasn't seen until AFTER the notebook was delivered, so it goes to show you that their LOVE for each other was very mutual. I took pictures of the card and texted it to Joey's mom.  We both teared up at the sight of it.  
"Dear Ty, I will mss you while I am in Pennsavania, but you will still be the best friend I ever had.  Sincercly: Joey Strong"

After school, on Friday, we surprised Joey, by running by his empty home, to give him a goodbye gift and the notebook.  
 Goofball Joey and Ty: classmates, football pals, and best buds!
The moving truck :(
 Ty explains the notebook to Joey, as Joey reads it, page by page, out loud.  
 Joey's mom said that the notebook really touched Joey.
 The final goodbyes… or better, "See Ya Laters!"
I really hope Joey sends the notebook back soon.  Today was Tyson's first day back at school.  We prayed with Ty and over him this morning.  I hope Joey's empty seat wasn't overly difficult for Ty. Goodbyes are NEVER easy and the reminder of an empty seat will be especially tough.  I think I am going to have lunch with him, tomorrow, at school to help pass the loneliness he probably feels without his pal.  

I am thankful for this notebook and I know it will be an awesome way for these boys to remain in touch. In a world that is so heavily dependent on media, I am excited to see some "old school" ways of communication and the use of a stamp be put to action.