Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Homemade Slip&Slide

Yesterday, after the gym, I decided to cancel any responsible plans aka housework, and treat the kids to something.  We had decided on putt-putt golf, and at the very last second, I said, "What if we make a homemade slip and slide instead!" To my surprise, Ty was ALL FOR IT.  His response, "YEAAAAAAA!!!!" Jax still wanted to go putt-putt, but Ty always seems to be able to manipulate his way into what he wants with the twins.  

So, I stopped at Lowes and Ollies and picked up a few items that I thought would be helpful:

(4) 9ftx12ft Heavy Duty Drop Cloths (2 Mil)
NO TEAR Baby Shampoo - making the slip and slide slippery
A "rider" plastic float
I laid out the drop cloths and nailed them into the ground using some stakes that we have from our inflatable water slide.  See people, even when you have a $300 inflatable water slide, the kids still look for MORE.  Be sure, if you use more than ONE drop cloth, to over lap them properly or you will get hung up on them.
The kids waisted no time.
Slippin' and Slidin'
Jax's face is so funny in the below picture.
Ty gives the "rider" a try.
Our little princess, afraid of nothing, totally fearless.
I guess having two brothers makes her this way.
Ty had to create even MORE fun.  SURFING!!!
"Let's go surfing now!"
I was a tad nervous about this idea because I didn't want him to break his arm.
Then, when the surfing wasn't enough... they decided to pair up.
And go together at the same time.
Which meant wiping out at the same time!
Check out this action, water shot!
Jax lost interest rather quickly.  He wasn't a fan of the cold water. He's just like his mommy.
He chose to do archery instead.  Hmmmm, reminds me of water night at VBS.  Slip n' Slide and archery.
I love this kid.  He's my only self soother.
Once the soap ran out, the kids used the hose for some enjoyment.
They agreed to take turns spraying each other.
Then they foolishly turned the hose off, put the hose in their mouth, and had someone turn the hose back on.
The water would explode into their mouths.  Not very enjoyable, but hysterical to watch.
It was a spur of the moment thing.  Normally, I prefer to investigate things a little more and really plan it out, read reviews, pre-shop for it, etc. etc. etc.  Being spontaneous at times is fun, but I will be certain to look into better items for a homemade slip and slide.  The kids LOVED it and had a total BLAST, but I still think there is room for perfecting it.  I'm thinking baby oil is a way better choice because soap disintegrates fast.  Oil remains on the drop cloth.  I also think a tarp may be a more durable/sturdier option for the slide.  Either way, I was content when it was ALL said and done and Ty said, "Mom, I love days like these.  We had a blast just hanging out at home and now we can all go relax together!"  YUP.  That's what they did.  They came inside and ate a HUGE bowl of vanilla ice cream with sprinkles.

Let me know if you have any other reliable suggestions for a homemade slip and slide.  

I think TOTAL, it cost me about $12 (drop cloths, soap, and rider).  Not bad.  The best part is that you just throw it all away when you are done.