Thursday, June 26, 2014

Princess In Training!

There is nothing COOLER than having a little girl... well, I speak for myself.  I think every woman needs a little girl.  Be it your own child, a niece, a granddaughter, a close friend's child, a young congregation member at your church, W-H-A-T-E-V-E-R and H-O-W-E-V-E-R you need to get your hands on one, and often.  Girls are definitely "harder" in my opinion, but they are also MORE fun.  Naturally, daughters like what their mommies likes.  I am sometimes called "The Princess", by my Sensational 6, haha. Having a "Princess In Training", of my own, to do life with, is so fun!!!!! If you'd like to borrow her to see, oh trust me, she'd go in a heart beat.

Below, is basically an "iPhone dump" of pictures I have yet to put on my blog.  It's kind of a good thing because NOW I have a post idea, LOL! All of the photos below were taken on different days, but it goes to show you how much of a girly girl she really is.  

Spa Treatment
Lilah's SPA birthday party had a facial mask in it and the day after her party, she asked if she could do it.  So, we did.  She laughed the entire time. OH and check out the fake nails too!
Boy Bands
We were at Barnes and Noble.  I turned my back for ONE second and she had found these books, collected them, laid them out, and was prepared to view them all. Have no fear, I put a stop to that FAST.  I told her the only boys she is allowed to love is her daddy and her two brothers and of course, one day, her husband.
 Lap Dogs
Lilah desperately wants a dog.  I, on the other hand, DO NOT.  I told her when she turns 16 she can have one, so that is what she tells everyone she comes in contact with. "When I am 16, my mommy said I can get a dog!"
Her first diary.  I helped her fill it out, but once she knows how to spell, she will be able to do this on her own. Little does she know, I have the extra key. :)  I was a little girl once.  I know all about what sometimes gets written in a diary.  LOL!
If there is ONE thing this girl loves, it is make-up and accessories.  O.M.G.  She is such a bag lady.  She has about 25 purses and an ungodly amount of jewelry.  This photo was taken at Myrtle Beach.  She was allowed to choose two souvenirs.  ONE was the purse she is carrying.  Lilah looks up to Cami so much, so she wanted to find the purse that Cami's grammy bought her, the last time she was in town.
HAHAHA.  This one cracks me up so much.  I said, "What are you doing?" She replied, "I'm putting creme on my face so I never look old!"
By the way, the above photos, are not exhaustive.  LOL!  She's also a homemaker in training.  She has started doing the dishes on her own and LOVES it.  Wastes a ton of soap and water, but LOVES it.  I'll have to snag a photo of her doing this and attach it in this post.  She loves to talk on her "phone" (an old cell phone), dance, sing, paint nails, dress up, wear my high heel shoes, and so much more... One of the things she is already doing, that drives me mad, is she's flirtatious with boys. We are definitely working on this. Most all of these things I have NOT taught her.  It's just embedded in her blood, as a female.

I tell Darren all the time, "She's so much fun!" But the reality is, she makes me nervous. It's a high calling to raise a little girl AND her life's outcome has high stakes on what she models, daily, in me. I want her to be who she is, fun, spunky, girly, and playful, but I am doing all that I can to guard her heart and her mind from things that could turn a potential godly woman into a wordily woman.  I've been reading a book called, "Girls gone WISE, in a world gone WILD!"  The book points out "wise" ways of living (according to God's word), verses "wordily" ways of living, according the world's own understanding.  Lilah and myself can use this helpful information to think differently from the way many women in today's society think, act, feel, and behave.  Check it out.