Saturday, June 21, 2014

2014 Vacation Bible School PHOTOS

I am so blessed to be a part of a Church that shares the world, FULLY and truthfully, not fearing man, but fearing God.  It's the greatest story that anyone will ever hear. It's a story of man who lived an perfect life and sacrificed His life for the sins of those who believe. What a marvelous grace of God to save sinners such as myself.
The King aka Pastor Nick
The amazing backdrop, of Edendale, that congregation member Norah Smith painted.
The singers and dancers: Marybeth, Gretchen (Pastor's wife), and Julia (and also Aubrianna)
Erin, one of my BFFs, and Children's director responsible for VBS.
More dancing and singing.
The Squires: John, Ashton, and Bradey.
Praying to God for direction.
The evil angel comes to tempt the Squires! (Judy Pierce)
The dragon: representing satan!
The Squires who followed the scroll, throughout the entire story, inherited the Lord's kingdom!
For the sake of TIME, I did NOT caption all of pictures because there are well over 250 of them.  Enjoy a few of my very favorite photos above and below.  Feel free to view all 267 pictures by clicking on the Picasa photo album, other wise, enjoy my favs. Of course, if you have ANY questions about the photos, I would be happy to explain, so DO NOT hesitate to ask.

This year, I taught the uprising Kindergarteners.  It was nice teaching for a change.  It's fun being with the kids.
Lilah and Jax showing off their scrolls.
Physical Bible challenge.
Jax won the Bible challenge so he got to take three swings at the dragon piñata, in front of the entire audience.
Jax was Mr. Popular this year.  He also got to partake in the final physical challenge on the last night.
Lilah was also chosen to be a part of the physical challenge one night.
 Water Night
A tarp slip and slide!
Firetruck sprays the kids!
Archery! Jake shows Jax what to do.  Check out his one eye shut.
WHO thought of this idea.  Boys of all ages with bows and arrows in hand?