Friday, June 27, 2014

Having To Move.... Really BLOWS!!!!

Oddly enough, TODAY, I said goodbye to TWO families: ONE moving to New Hampshire and ONE moving to Iowa.  Those states seem unknown to me, LOL.  It's so sad saying goodbye.  This is the second classmate since December, that Tyson is close with, that he has had to receive the "awful" news that they are moving far, far, far away.

First Joey, now Hillary and Grant (siblings).  I try my best to send close friends off with a little something, welcoming them into their new home.  Holly, their mommy, and Lisa (my neighbor) were wonderful friends that I connected well with.  We were able to build a repoire over the last few years and it will be sad to not have them so close.  I needed a little something for both parent and child, so I chose to make this fun gift.

It's titled, "Having To Move... Really BLOWS!!!  We Will Miss You!"
I created the printable on my own, so if you need it or want it, just shoot me an email.  I can send you the attachment.  I'm always happy to share my ideas and printables with anyone.  You could probably make it a tad more exciting maybe by cutting the circle with scalloped scissors or something, but I was totally in a time crunch.  I can't believe I was able to throw this together, as quickly as I did, early this am.  
It's basically a lollipop bouquet, but I added a gift to Bed, Bath, and Beyond, for the mommies to use for their new homes.
I am thankful to have known these ladies/families as long as I did.  I am thankful for media now a days.  I know they will be able to keep up with our family, by using our blog, as well as Instagram.  And a good'ol fashion phone call will always be nice too! I told Holly, "Don't look at it as goodbye, but rather see ya later!" I felt so bad seeing tears in her eyes. Moving really  "BLOWS!"
What Do We Need?
A plant pot or basket
Floral Foam
Crinkle Paper
Fun Straws Or Wooden Skewers
Blow Pop Lollipops
Hot Glue

Most of the above items you can find at the Dollar Tree or Wal-mart.  I am so thankful my gift closet has a NICE collection of possible, future "needs" because I had most everything on hand. Honestly, the most expensive item was the blow pops. I know I could have purchased them at the Dollar Tree, but I decided to do this VERY LAST minute, and I had to purchase them at our local grocery store, since the Dollar Tree wasn't open. Basic directions: assemble and stuff!