Friday, June 14, 2019

Donut Pinata!!!

What every kid LOVES... CANDY! So when I told my twins I planned on doing a piñata at their "party",  they squealed. And DON-UT you know I found a doughnut piñata?

I actually found TWO pinatas and I couldn't decide which one to get, so I bought both and returned ONE! One piñata came from Hobby Lobby and the other piñata came from Five Below.  I was smart and allowed them to bust open the cheaper piñata, so that I could return the more expensive one. Crazy cats couldn't give me a serious photo. That was the theme of this party, so I just went with whatever they were willing to give me.  
Of course I stuffed it with CANDY! I utilized Five Below's bulk candy section and just went to town. I bought 10 pieces of every single candy type they offered.  I believe it was much more affordable that bags of candy.
I found these scratch off cards form the Dollar Spot at Target and also inserted them into the piñata.  
I had a few rules: (2) hits per turn, no swinging the bat until I say "Go!", no complaining about what others win or how much candy they collect, no pushing or shoving to collect the most, rejoice with others who get a lot.  The cards were redeemable for prizes that couldn't fit in the piñata.  

One prize was a gummy remote control that I bought in February.  I bought three and only needed two, but I knew this would come in "handy", pun intended, for something.  This event was that "something".
A gift certificate to GAME STOP!!!!
 A pizza squishy to go along with the PIZZA or DOUGH theme.  
 Donut earrings.  Obviously, only the girls could win this.  
 A gift certificate to Bobby's Hot & Cheesy Pizza.  This place is local and new and DELICIOUS.
 A gift certificate to Claire's.  I mean, what girl doesn't love Claire's.
 And a variety of gift cards, to multiple donut shops, to get your own BOX of 12 donuts.  
It was getting dark, so the festivities had to begin or else capturing it wasn't going to happen. If there isn't a photo or video of the event, it didn't happen right? It was dark out, so the footage is blurry, but you can still get the gist of these crazy kids busting open a piñata for candy and prizes.  
I think they all made bank: candy, gift cards, prizes, and next up.. a goody bag! I'll be posting on the goody bags asap.

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