Friday, June 21, 2019

"DOUGH" BEST Party Favor Bag EVER!

If there is ONE thing that is a MUST at a birthday party, it's a party favor bag.  It's something EVERY kid, let's face it, EXPECTS or at the very minimum wants. I enjoy sending a child home with a "thank you" for celebrating with us!

As you learned from this post, the twins had a really small gathering for their 10th birthday with just a few friends. My OCD personality can't handle an abundance of children eating sticky donuts and bashing pinatas, running around my house with dirty barefoot. HAHA, Lilah and Jax weren't supposed to have a "party". Their surprise trip to Universal Studios was supposed to replace a birthday party. But they did, so it gave me an excuse to run around town and hunt for "DOUGH BEST Party Favor Bag Ever!"

The girls received MOSTLY items that related to DONUTS.  And the BOYS received MOSTLY items that related to PIZZA. See all of the goodies and where I picked them up at BELOW.
Above: A pad of sticky donut notes or is it a sticky pad of donuts? Found at Five Below. Below: A donut keychain. I want to say that this came from Five Below as well.
A donut bathtub bomb.  SO fun!  Found at Big Lots.
A donut pen.  Found at Dollar Tree.
Donut Socks.  Found at Claire's.  Sorry the photo is basically upside down.  These photos were taken on my phone and ain't nobody got time to go rotate the photo.  LOL!
Mix Ins Slime.  These girls love slime and this particular slime reminded me of a sprinkled donut.
I thought it was just enough to say thank you!
The boys goody "bag" box was an actual pizza box filled with pizza items.
The first item is an adorable, squishy, pizza keychain.  Found at Target.  
A mini pizza gummy! Found at Five Below.
Pizza flavored lip balm.  EWE!!!! Found at Big Lots.
Fun, mesh squeezeballs.  Found at Michael's Craft Store.
My favorite find was the pizza blanket.  Found at Five Below!!!
 There's my cutie pie showing it off.  He's so adorable I could eat him up.
I must add... I have actually given out party favors that are 100x nicer than these, but it's always so much fun and satisfactory finding items that realllllly fit a party theme.  

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