Tuesday, May 14, 2019

"Dough-NOT Grow Up!"

I am really jumping topics every day week on this blog.  SMH.  Haha.  I am hopping from vacations, to business trips, to birthday gifts, and back to vacations. There is just never a dull moment. I think it keeps things interesting (you know, just incase a certain topic doesn't interest my readers).  We'll make the next two months like a soap opera or a sequel.  

After we returned home from our trip, I did want to allow Lilah and Jax to have a few friends over to celebrate. They rarely are available to have friends over and we don't really do sleepovers anymore. There was at time that that worked and was enjoyed but we are so busy and due to the fact that we have boys and girls, Darren and I just truly don't prefer it. I think it is wise to protect those you love. Sleepovers typically never end well, even if it's just because your child pulled an all nighter.

So, Lilah invited her new bestie, Ella and Jax invited 2 of his 3 besties: Matthew and Evan.  We hope to spend some special time with Cohen this Summer (his other bestie).  The theme of their "party" was "Dough-NOT Grow Up!" 
When you have boy girl twins, it's hard to create a party theme that is cute and fun for both. I knew I wanted a donut wall at the party. The party theme was going to be strictly designed around donuts, but THEN I decided last minute we would make it a DOUGH party (pizza and donuts). I thought the pizza theme was more masculine. The donut theme was more feminine.  Is that even possible? Haha.  
I spotted a donut wall on Heidi Swapp's Instagram account and I was super impressed with the presentation.  I figured it wouldn't be possible to ever have one.  I certainly don't know where to begin in building one and neither does my hubby.  Then, I spotted a donut wall at our local YMCA, only it holds coffee mugs.  So I inquired about renting it out, but they said it was nailed to the wall. I decided to hirer my handy man to make me one.  This beauty ran me around $200.00, but it is WELL worth it.  I can use it for all of my future events AND even rent it out. Let me know if you are interested.  I plan to rent it out for $35 per event.  NOT BAD!!! 
The day of the party, I picked up three types of donuts: Dunkin Donuts, Duck Donuts, and Krispy Kreme Donuts.  
I was curious which donuts would be left over and which would be eaten first. The outcome: Krispy Kreme, Dunkin, and Duck in that order.
I LOVE the way I set it up.  I attached a beautiful sign from Hobby Lobby, onto the donut stand, but the sign is removable if you are considering renting our dessert wall and "donut" wish for it to be on there. Hehe.
 I decorated with all kinds of donut goodies: from a piñata, to a sprinkled table cloth, to donut paper goods.
I kind of made this the dessert table! The donuts took the place of the birthday cake.
I alternated every other seat with a different color donut plate! These paper goods came from Hobby Lobby
Of course, we did things a little backwards this day.  We ate dessert first, then dessert, then dinner, then more dessert and more dessert.  We blew threw 2.5 dozen donuts amongst 6 kids (Ty included).
The kids had a blast feasting off of it.
Pictures of the birthday boy/girl and party guests are scarce because of course not only were my two NOT cooperative, but the others were not really excited to take pictures.  They just wanted to enjoy the party and their buddies.

I will be separating this party into several posts. Gah!!! Is it killing you to not get to see it all at once? I'm keeping you in suspense, haha! Here's a sneak peak at the Pizza part of the party.  Be sure to check back.
I will be adding a few videos [here]. Check back in a few.

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