Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Basketball Party Favors!

Due to snow on the horizon, I didn't think that Lilah and Jax's party was going to actually happen. I literally waited until the morning of to find party favors for his party.  I hate working under pressure, but I had the best taxi cab driver/helper, in my husband AND SCORED BIG time!

Darren and I ran to the bakery to pick up the birthday boy and birthday girl's cake. Then, we ran to just a few stores that I had in mind for good, quality party favors. First up, Captain Party!

I grabbed some hard plastic, basketball cups.  I used them for the party table and then sent them home with the party guests.
They also had these awesome, glow in the dark ice cubes.  YES.. they had NOTHING to do with basketball, but I still think they were unique and impressive.  And besides... after each guest plays a hard game of basketball, they can use their ice cube, while hydrating.  LOL! Check my Instagram account, at Bollingwith5, to see how it works. Use hashtag, #JaxAndLilahTurn9
Although slighting "CHEAP",  I was so excited to spot this suction cup, basketball with goal toy! My boys hung this item in their shower.  So NOW, shower time is game time!
I wanted to put these basketball cards inside the kids bags, but they were $4.99 per pack, so I decided against it. I did put them in Jax's bag though.
The shopping adventure wasn't working out too well.  I wasn't satisfied with my finds, but on the way home, I asked Darren to pull over and let me run in to Walgreens, on 419.  He laughed at me as I left the car saying, "You're not going to find anything in Walgreen's Krisitn!" The joke was on HIM when I returned to the car super excited with these Sharper Image Lauch Pad, TableTop Basketball systems.  
Wacky Water Snakes (Orange).
And Basketball Squishies.  
I wrapped them up really festive, to go along with the theme of the party! I was so excited to bless the party guests in this way!
For this event, "last minute" was a success. One mom wrote me a few hours after the party ended and said, "I'm so confused.  Was this Jax's party or - - - - -'s party!"  LOL!

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