Monday, June 3, 2019

Day #2 Continued...

Oh you know, it's only been three months since we completed our trip to Orlando and a month since I last posted on it. Haha.  Oh well, as they say, "Better Late Than Never!" I will continue to blame it on my kids' intense schedules. Yes, it's Summer, but nothing is SLOWING down. It has actually been a blessing that school is out because this extra curricular schedule could not be maintained throughout the year. We are in the height of AAU Basketball season and dance stuff is keeping us busy and traveling. We just realized that both Ty's nationals and Lilah's Nationals are at the same time, different beaches. Sigh... It will be a mystery on how we handle that dilemma.

Back to Day #2 of our trip.  If you recall, I have already posted about our daytime experiences.  Click here if you didn't already see it. The day was long, so I decided to break up the post. And now, let me share the later part of our day. 
The more and more I look back, it appears as if most of our evening was spent either touring the most amazing dessert shop or eating desserts. We did visit Harry Potter World, but truthfully, we don't care for Harry Potter (I'm sure I am being voodooed right now, LOL)! We chose to quickly hop on a few rides and then reserve this section for our private tour guide, on the last day, since we are clueless about Harry Potter. So, I am sharing photos of his world, but couldn't tell you anything about it. I will say, despite our lack of interest, the details were beyond incredible. Far more incredible than my own mind could ever fathom.
Keep in mind, I didn't carry my big, heavy camera with me to the theme parks because it would have just been too much, so these are just photos taken with my cell phone and unedited.

At City Walk, we kept hearing about and passing the Chocolate Emporium. I really do regret not sitting inside and experiencing their desserts BUT, because I am a FOODIE lover and photographer, I had to go inside and capture the details. This is a full service restaurant, but I imagine that what really strikes people's interest is their desserts, so you must be sure to "save room". Check out these cavities in a mug! I mean that is more calories than any human should probably consume in a week's time. LOL!   
I mean it truly is the perfect presentation for both your eyes and stomach.
We had so many dessert choices. FABULOUS ones.  And my kids chose to eat at Lard Lad's at the Simpson's favorite Springfield Confectionary Shop.  This donut is OVERSIZED and could take you days to eat it.  My kids spent some of their gift card money treating themselves to this sweet treat.  
They don't know much about the Simpson's show, but it was cool for me to experience this section of the park. Growing up, we watched this show religiously.  
I didn't try the donut, but my sister said when she came to Orlando, she had the donut and it was the best donut she's ever had.
Capturing their first encounter with this oversized donut.
My kids agreed.  
I didn't capture too much of the evening because it was dark and I really was trying to enjoy the time with my kids as well. One thing that was always fun was each night there was a live performance aka concert in Universal Studios. One night PitBull was there and the other night this guy... I wish I could remember his name. He reminded me of Eminem.  No one in my family ever cared to stay, but there were people literally sitting on the concert lawn ALL day, for a front row seat.  

As you can see below, iPhone cameras don't do the best job capturing the evening anyway. On our way back from our park day, the kids stopped to play some pingpong. Our resort was constantly offering evening fun for their guests. This was just one activity that always existed. Another was an evening movie that was visible during your evening swim.
After leaving the parks, there was always Bike Taxi's waiting for you incase you were just too tired to walk back to your resort. We always declined, but one of the nights we said, "What the heck! Let's do it!" It was probably one of my favorite memories on the trip. It's those random, little things that really make the trip so eventful and fun!

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