Monday, January 5, 2015

ANOTHER Surprise Call From Mickey Mouse!

Both of my original POSTS (and THIS ONE), on our family blog, regarding the SURPRISE phone call from Mickey Mouse has REALLY gotten some attention and specifically in the last few weeks.  It's crazy!!!! With almost 1,200 views and now 19 requests for Mickey Mouse's Clark's information, I have been a little ecstatic to see that my find is helping many other parents around the world.  

This boy below, Matthew, was surprised by Mickey Mouse, after his mommy read my post and inquired about Clark's contact information. Although Matthew is older, it goes to show you HOW incredible the DISNEY MAGIC is for people of ALL AGES!!! Caryn, Matthew's mom, emailed me and said, 
"We have just returned from Disney and I wanted to drop you [and Clark] a quick email to say a really big Thank You for helping us make Matthew's Christmas surprise trip to Disney so much more fun with a personal call from Mickey! I have attached a video we took of Matthew listening to the call so you can see his reaction, for us it was absolutely priceless."
Darren and I watched this video together and it brought me to tears... AND I RARELY am brought to tears. With my youtube video, my blog posts and Clark's talent, we are working together to make this his full time career. LOL!  He's so talented and could be used as a Disney employee to help make every little boy and girl's dreams come true.

Caryn, thank you for giving me permission to share this amazing footage!!!