Tuesday, January 6, 2015

10 Amazing Valentine's Day Gifts For Women!

Gift giving, in our home, is not taken lightly. From my manicurist, to our pastor, all the way to every member in our household, GIFTS are considered with much thought. To me, what's the point in giving a gift to someone if you haven't really taken the time to consider what they would like, love, need, or want.  I have always enjoyed being a "giver", since I was a child.  There is something so special about picking out a gift for someone and watching them receive it. It really blesses my day! 

In this busy life, I've noticed that people just directly ask their friends or family members what it is they want for Christmas. The gift they ask for, is then the gift they receive.  There is neither thought put into the potential receiver nor is their any surprise factor. Is that really what a gift is in today's world?  You tell the person what you want and then you receive that exact item? Again, why even go through the hassle of exchanging gifts bills.  You spend a $100 on me, I'll spend $100 on you, and "check", we are done! REALLY?!!?!!

I had a conversation with my girlfriend, Shannon, over Christmas.  She said that she has a new perspective on gift giving and honestly, after she explained it to me, it's exactly the motto I have been following, just unannounced.  A GIFT is something that YOU think the receiver would LIKE, LOVE, NEEDS, and/or WANTS.  Key word, YOU. It's NOT something that the receiver asks for!!!

NOW, that doesn't mean you can't take subtle hints, you can't search online for ideas, or you can't ask those closest to the receiver if "x, y, or z" is a "good gift idea?" Do I make my husband a list at Christmas time? YES! Does he choose some of the items off of the list? YES! However, he also comes up with other thoughtful gifts on his own AND the gifts I ask for, typically, are vague. For instance, when I ask him for a new pair of workout shoes, he still has to go into my closet, search for my size, AND pick out a style/pattern that he thinks I will like.  I don't just send him the link to the exact shoe I want and tell him to pay for it.  That's dull and meaningless.

Darren even went as far as to say this, this season, "I don't understand men who do NOT buy for their wives. It brings me joy to buy gifts for you.  When you are happy, I am happy.  It's a win-win!" AMEN!!!!

This Christmas, Darren blessed me with a large array of great gifts.  I have decided to help the male readers of my blog, by giving them some "subtle" hints for Valentine's Day, which by the way is less than 38 days away. Here are the TOP 10 gifts that my husband bought for me, at Christmas, this year! You can use these ideas for Valentine's Day, all FREE of charge. 
This is a wonderful gift for a man who desires to give his lovely lady something sentimental. The other great aspect behind this gift is that it is a collectible. Starting a collection for your special lady helps each gift giving moment easy. I have been collecting Willow Tree figurines since Darren and I got married. This year, Darren purchased the "Laughter With Love" figurine for me. I have a Mother/Son Willow Tree, but I had yet to receive a Mother/Daughter Willow Tree. This special gift sits on our living room bookshelves, along with the rest of our collection.
As a woman, and especially as a MOM, there is limited time to get pampered. We are always on our feet, serving others, the way the Lord would see it deemed necessary, however, once in a while, it is nice to get pampered. Since the 3rd grade, I have always been discontent with my legs. They are either too short, too flabby, not defined enough...just not right! Now, add years of waiting tables/bartending + 2 pregnancies and that equals spider veins.  I have them people. Most women my age do, but it has really caused me to refrain from desiring to wear shorts and swimsuits. Darren has blessed me with a gift certificate to get laser surgery, in those areas, that are causing me to wear sweatsuits at the pool/beach. LOL! True story! Go ahead, call me VAIN, but that will change after I get those VEINS removed. It doesn't have to be a huge, expensive procedure to make her happy. Treating your lady to a manicure or a massage is another wonderful way to make her feel more like a lady! HELLO gentlemen?!?!?! You benefit from this gift too!

#3 New Sneakers
Despite the fact that I did take a few weeks off, during the holidays, from working out, one thing will always remain... WE ARE A FAMILY THAT IS FIT. If the female in your life loves to workout or is looking for some motivation to get herself moving, buy her a fun, trendy pair of "kicks". I have quite a collection of workout sneakers and I LOVE IT.  Being stylish in the gym certainly motivates me to workout. Why not look cute while you are trying to stay fit! I love these new Nikes. I DID NOT pick them out myself, Darren just knows what I like! They are designed for serious movement. I'm heading back to the gym today in these awesome sneakers.

If there is ONE thing I LOVE... ok two things I love, it is JESUS and COFFEE.  Darren got me this adorable adhesive, for a coffee mug, on ETSY. It reads, "All I need today is a little bit of coffee & a whole lot of Jesus!" He thought when he placed the order, that he was getting the actual coffee mug, but instead it was the sticker, only, that arrived.  I can pick up a plain coffee mug at Pier 1 or the Dollar Tree that the adhesive can be applied to. Guys, just go to ETSY.COM, think of a funny saying or inside joke between you and your woman, and have your own personal touch added to a coffee mug, t-shirt, or tervis tumbler cup. Personal touches equate to "He took the time to consider the things I love, say, do, and think, and turned it into a gift!" aka HE KNOWS ME!

#5 Jewelry
Long ago, I loved receiving a nice piece of jewelry, from an expensive jewelry store. Now-a-days, it's so unnecessary.  Either the kids accidentally break it, as I am wearing it, OR there are just so many wonderful, inexpensive pieces that don't break the bank.  Don't get me wrong, if Darren bought me a gorgeous pair of diamond earrings, I wouldn't complain, but sometimes, quantity is better than quality!  A woman can never have enough jewelry, so stop agonizing over gift giving OR worse, stop NOT giving her something, just because you cannot come up with an idea.  JEWELRY IS ALWAYS an option. Some of my favorite inexpensive jewelry venues are RedEnvelope.Com, PlanetJill.Com, and Etsy.Com.  This year, I received a piece of Jewelry that is fairly inexpensive and trendy.  I cannot wait to collect a bunch of these. The more you have, on your arm, the better. It's called, ALEX and ANI. Henebry's, at Valley View Mall, just started selling these bracelets. For my first Alex and Ani, Darren chose the anchor charm. I thought it was so fitting being Jesus is my anchor! The cost...ONLY $35. Very doable, especially if it gains you some brownie points.

#6 Replacements
You might be confused about this gift idea. Let me explain. A while back, I purchased this contemporary looking jewelry holder, at Urban Outfitters. I used it as a ring holder, near my kitchen sink. I had it for about a year and then one day, when Darren was cleaning up from dinner, it broke. It was glass and our counter tops are granite. When glass meets granite too abruptly, things break. I was really bummed, but I told myself, "It was an accident". This happened over 8 months ago. Darren apparently NEVER forgot, even though I did. He REPLACED the item. Have you or your child broken something that your wife LOVED? Replace it! Regardless of whether or not it meant anything to her or the world to her, it will be a special treat if she doesn't have to replace it herself.

I am by no means deprived of the latest trends in clothing or shoes.  I have my fair share of buckle jeans and under armor attire. I even have a REAL Michael Kors purse and wallet. Yes, ONE, one Michael Kors purse and wallet. However, I do not turn my nose to hand-me-downs NOR do I feel I need to have the best of the best. I also get my greatest compliments on my outfits from Wal-mart. I'm not a fool. There are starving people in this world. The fact that anyone could walk around, drenched in multiple, high end purses or $500 boots is sickening. Sorry, I just know that the Lord blessed us with financial stability and we are called to be good stewards of our money. We definitely consider everything we spend with conviction...MOST OF THE TIME. I have failed, from time to time, and been unwise, but I do my best. Besides, if I am going to spend money, on anyone or anything, when it comes to clothes and shoes, it's going to be on our kids. I love making them look cute.  ANYWAY guys... treat your lady to a something that she wouldn't ordinarily buy herself because she too would rather spend it on her children. Darren bought me these cute ankle boots. My friend Ashely had these on a few weeks before Christmas, and she looked adorable in them. I totally copied her. Hehe. Sorry Ash! You started a trend.

Women like gadgets too! We just like jewelry, make up, clothing, and food better.  LOL! In order to keep up with this fast paced, technological world, new gadgets are almost no longer  a want, but rather a necessity. Darren purchased me a wireless, waterproof speaker for the shower.  It's awesome. NOT ONLY can you listen to your favorite music while you are showering, but you can also answer phone calls on it, while you are showering. I am hesitant to advertise that part. I can no longer use the excuse, "I'm sorry I missed your call, I was showering." It's a good thing my dad doesn't read my blog. Hehe. It comes with a suction cup and attaches to the glass or tile in your shower.  I LOVE IT! The only downfall is you have to remember to charge it. I have used it every day since December 26th and I have yet to have to recharge it. I listen to pandora while showering.  It gives new meaning to singing in the shower. 

#9 More Gadgets
I'm pretty sure NO ONE has heard of this gadget: a STEELIE. My step-mom, Carlene, actually was the one who introduced this item to both Darren and I, at Thanksgiving.  She found it at Verizon, but after Darren and I visited 3 Verizon stores, we gave up. Darren and I BOTH surprised each other, at Christmas, with this gift. What is a STEELIE?  It's a magnetic system for your cell phone. I'll show you below how it works:

1. Stick the magnetic "dash balls" somewhere in your vehicle that will NOT be in the way.  Be sure to put your cell phone up against the socket, before mounting, to make sure the phone will not get in the way of your stick shift etc.
2.  Stick the neodymium magnet on the back of your cell phone or cell phone case.  I didn't like the way this looked initially  but sometimes the benefit of having something, has to out weigh it's appearance. I feel like I have a doorbell on the back of my phone.  
3. Use your magnet and stick your phone OUT OF THE WAY, OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN, OUT OF A WATER ZONE, keeping your phone safe!!!! As you will see, in the first photo above, your phone now has a magnetic mounting system in your car.  NO MORE cell phones falling underneath your feet while driving or losing them in your purse. Every woman I know, has a cell phone, and is constantly either losing them or damaging them.  BUY HER ONE OF THESE!!!! The initial gift is NOT exciting, but after a few uses, it is a huge lifesaver. Below: thanks to the "doorbell" my phone attaches to anything a magnet will attach to.
 #10 A BIKE
The last and final gift that I am going to encourage you to buy for that special female in your life, is a bike. I guess it could be a bike, a treadmill, an elliptical, or if she's wild and crazy, a motorcycle.  LOL! Darren purchased a bike, for me, because the entire family has a bike, but me. I am the only family member that has to run after our family while we they are on a bike ride. This is also a great gift idea for a woman who cannot afford the gym, but desperately is searching for a new way to burn calories. I purposely avoid cycle classes, t the gym, because they are SOOOOOOOOO HARD!!! I'll be honest, I have YET to use my new bike.  Anyone that knows me, KNOWS I despise the cold.  I am so excited to use this bad girl in the Spring though.  

I hope you have enjoyed this post. I trust it will encourage you to start gift giving to your wife. Thinking of others and giving to others takes thought off of yourself and applies it to someone else.  Philippians 2:3 says, "Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit   Rather, in humility value others more significant than yourself."  If money is tight, I get that, but a sweet poem, love note, or candle lite dinner is free or almost free.  Stop making excuses and start treating your lady right!

Darren, you are the best gift giver ever!!! Thank you for taking the time to make all of those gift giving holidays special! Of course it goes without saying, your love is enough, but I love how we take advantage of those times we can show each other EXTRA love. I love you honey!