Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A Phone Call From Mickey Mouse Himself!!!

It was the moment I was waiting for... weeks of anticipation, all relying on this moment.  The moment when Mickey Mouse would call our kids, to reveal the plans to them, our plans of traveling to Disney World, in honor of their birthdays!  You'd think Darren and I would want to be the ones to receive the glory for it, but it means much more coming from the man himself.... MICKEY MOUSE!

I searched EVERYWHERE to purchase a phone call from Mickey Mouse, but everything I found either lead me down a road of disappointment or was no longer available. The closest information I found, which lead me down a rabbit's trail, was on WDW Prep School's website. She mentions some ways to reveal your Disney trip to your children. I loved her site, for quite some time, and even listened to MANY of her podcasts, to help prepare my family for Disney.  Sadly, her information on contacting this man on Fiverr does NOT work.  I have since asked her to remove this from her website, as it delivers empty promises, but the last time I checked, she had yet to do so.  

Her link, lead me down a total rabbit's trail and eventually, after doing my own research, I found AN INCREDIBLY KIND and willing man named Clark, who was THRILLED to to help us out.  He told his fianc√© what Clark had just been "hired" to do and he said, "This has brought us both to tears! I am so honored to do this and proud to be a part of this moment, with your family!"

(click on the words "The Reveal",above, to see the video footage of our reveal)

I have yet to even reveal the video footage or the photos of the party!  But, basically, I spent 4 hours decorating the house, while the kids were at school.  I wanted our kitchen and living room to appear as if I was just throwing the kids a Disney World Party.  When arriving home, the kids just thought we were celebrating their special day, but that "party" got interrupted by a very important phone call.  As the phone rang, we asked the kids to answer it.  We had Mickey Mouse on speaker and he interacted with the kids as he revealed to them where they were about to go!

INCASE of an emergency, which would rob the plans for this phone call to take place, Clark recorded this audio file and emailed it to me.  Had Clark of gotten into a car accident or gotten sick, I would have "settled" for playing this phone message to the kids.  
Clark delivered the reveal exactly the way I had envisioned the idea since DAY #1. On top of that, he called again, the day we left, to keep the kids excitement up!!! As if anyone WOULDN'T be excited about going to Disney World. I am so amazed at how exact his voice is. Be on the look out for the final phone call from Mickey Mouse, soon.  He called as we were pulling into the airport's parking lot. 

**Update on cost: Clark has decide that there is no cost or fee for his services.  Clark just asks that you promise to be good and consider making a donation to a special cause or philanthropy to continue making the world a better place." ~per Clark**