Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Disney Reveal Video

OH---- the much anticipated day, where the BIG 7 week secret, that I had to hold inside, would finally become public.  WE ARE GOING TO DISNEY WORLD!!!! Darren did his magic and did the best he could with the video footage we captured, but it truly doesn't do the Disney reveal any justice.  I have mounds of detailed photos and happy faces that I captured, along with an mp3 of Clark Mickey Mouse himself!!!! I will post it all very soon.  I am sooooo far behind on the blog, it's not even FUNNY. Oh and PS. The twins were dancing, uncontrollably, because when they walked in, from a VERY exciting day at school and Chuck E. Cheese, they entered our home decked out, to the hilt, in Disney decor and Disney music playing.  They were so excited that it was released in the form dancing.  NO LIE! AND they had NO idea, at that point, they were even going to Disney.  They just thought mommy and daddy decorated the house for their special day.  So sweet.

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  1. This comment, was written by my step-mom, Carlene Crisafi, but sent to me via email, AFTER she read this blog post. She lives in Raleigh (just like Tabitha) and surprisingly knows her. Small world...

    ""Ha! Such a small world! Should have just asked me. I spoke to her last summer. Her kids and my kids were at the same VBS last summer at a church right on Falls of Neuse rd. I can vouch...she is a doll. We are planning to go in January and I kept her info bc I planned on calling her as well. Unlike you I don't care to be involved in all the details ...but just like you I want it to be PERFECT! 😄Win-win!! I remember her saying she can take care of every last detail and it would be a trip we would never forget 😄can't beat that!! when are you going? ""

    I'm so stunned at this news! What are the chances? Only a GOD-incidence.


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