Monday, January 5, 2015

The Kiss That Lasts Forever!

The relationship that Darren and Lilah share is so special to witness.  I assume all daughters are a "daddy's girl", but Lilah for sure is a TRUE daddy's girl.  She LOVES to hug and kiss him, they've been able to share several one on one dates together, and they have some personal/private games they play with her "baby"!!!! 

Darren always makes sure to give Lilah something special on Valentine's Day and this year he gave Lilah something special for Christmas. After ALL of the gifts were opened and several hours had passed, Darren told Lilah to close her eyes.
 Behind his back he held a sparkling, jewelry box!
 He presented it to her...
 And her reaction could not have been BETTER or more sincere. 
 Her jaw dropped...
 She looked up at her daddy and smiled BIG...
 She couldn't wait to give HIM what he gave to her...hugs & KISSES!!!!!!!
As she is hugging Darren, you can see her STILL eyeing the beautiful gift.

The cute story behind this gift is that LILAH LOVES hershey kisses AND she's truly the best, in our family, at GIVING physical love, such as and especially KISSES!!!! So how perfect was it for her daddy to give her a diamond hershey kiss.  The inside of the box read, "The Kiss That Lasts Forever!!!! Every opportunity Lilah had to show it off, she did! AND the photo below does it NO justice.  It shines like the top of the Crystler building. LOL!
These moments MELT MY HEART.  It's a good thing that that hershey kiss isn't made of chocolate, but rather diamonds instead. LOL! Otherwise, it might have melted from the tears. Hehe.