Wednesday, January 2, 2019

We've Landed - Day 1 of 25 - EOTS

Napoleon, Chippey, Ariel, and Rosie made their first appearance on December 1st this year.  Sometimes it's the day after the tree gets decorated and other times it's December 1st.  Truthfully, it's whichever comes first, but since their time at our home is spent getting into so much mischief, we do all that we can to delay their arrival.  

The first day is ALWAYS simple. They just arrive on our Christmas tree.  This year, they didn't just arrive, they "landed". That's right!! They came via paper airplane.  
Ariel and Rosie are always so well behaved and proper.
Chippey and Napoloeon, on the other hand, are doing what boys typically do... getting into mischief or EXPLORING.
This momma spent literally 45 minutes learning, on youtube, how to make a paper airplane.  Sigh... it was so tortuous.  I never want to make a paper airplane again.  
I used an app this year that provided me with a song titled, "Sneaky Business".  Aside from maybe 2 out of the 25 days, I tried to use the same song for my video clips.  I thought it would provide elf consistency! Stay tuned because day 2-24 are far more detailed.

#EOTS a.k.a. Elf On The Shelf

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