Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Volumizing Mascara and Pencil Liner!

Back in October, my company, SeneGence, released two of the BEST products we offer, IF NOT the best (2) products that we offer, outside of LipSense: Volumizing Intense Mascara in black and black/brown AND drumroll..... A PENCIL LINER!!!!!! 

Our mascara wand, ALONE, took over a year to design.  This mascara is NOT JUST mascara. For $28.00 you are NOT only receiving the best mascara and wand, but you are also receiving a mascara that has a POLYPETIDE in it, which GROWS your lashes LEAPS AND BOUNDS, by 46% in just 4 weeks.  

Here are the BEFORE & AFTER pictures, of me, of mascara application.
Above: One eye with and one eye without.
Below: Both eyes with.
AND, just a little fun fact, our company sold MORE mascara in October than it sold LipSense, which is the product we are KNOWN for.  It was released in October and sold out in October and we JUST got it back in stock about a week ago.  Can you believe it? My hubby joked saying, I can build multiple grocery stores in the time it takes for you all to restock your mascara.  
Our pencil liner is the first ever pencil liner that our company has produced. BUT IT's FULLLLLLY waterproof.  You have to watch the video below to really grasp how waterproof it is. This liner comes in black and brown. I ordered 13 of each color and within one day I sold out.  I was blown away by the popularity of these products, but because they work just like LipSense, people were anxious to get their hands on them.
If you are anxious to get your hands on a waterproof mascara or pencil liner that truly is made to LAST ALL DAY... contact me.  540.520.1853 or  at my business website. Let me be your LipBoss!

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