Friday, May 4, 2018

Paintball Party Invitation!

Some 12-year-old is about to turn 13.  We've celebrated him with a Cookie Monster, Fire Truck, all things "GREEN", Pump It Up, Pirate, Dinosaur, All-Sports, Minute-To-Win-It parties.  Then, we slowly started canning parties and chose to just have milestone birthday parties. I believe turning a teenager definitely falls into the realm of a "milestone birthday".  I tread thin ice planning the party because everything that I love... seems cheesy to him.  He's really into FORTNITE. So... we decided to plan a real PAINTBALL gun fight BATTLE.  I used a little FortNite wording to grab the attention of his party guests.  

I know NOTHING about FortNite, but apparently there is a Battle Bus on the game.  Side story: I showed Ty the means of transportation that he and his friends would be taking to Wolf's Ridge Paintball.  I had planned to rent a HUMMER Limo.  Ty immediately put a halt to it.  I was so shocked and oh so bummed.  He thought that was the cheesiest thing E-V-E-R. SO, I will save that special detail for Ms. Diva Liley. Now, we have a legit "Battle Bus".  Stay tune... Haha.  
I've been gearing up, for this party, and doing a little party prep. I have tried to refrain "cheesy" details, but it's SOOOOO hard. I am a party planner at heart.  I don't think a little paintball  bubble gum will embarrass my teen.  What kid doesn't LOVE bubble gum?

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