Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Where We Dropping Boys?

Ty's party is getting closer and closer and to make the parents more comfortable with the specific details of the WHERE, WHAT, WHEN, I created a party itinerary for them. I am pretty excited about it.  Don't be too impressed by my FortNite knowledge.  I had to research FortNite to learn all of the correct terms and verbiage.  LOL! I am either going to be the coolest parent in the world or the cheesiest parent in the world.  I accept either or... Haha.  If Ty chooses cheesy, then I know really, deep down inside, he thinks I am the coolest mom E-V-E-R.  LOL!  
I know this party theme is going to be CRAZY POPULAR, just a fast as I can SNEEZE, so I created a semi-blank, party itinerary for ALL to use for their own FORTNITE party!
Click here to print and fill in the blanks.  Be sure to give me a shout out or let me know that you used it.  I enjoy seeing my creativity be used by others.

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