Thursday, January 5, 2017

Christmas Gifts For Janitors @FLES!

I believe fully in showing those who care for you, YOU appreciate them.  It really doesn't take much either.  A simple note, a gentle hug, and beautiful smile, or a gift! The janitors at FLES are pretty dang engaging with the kids.  My kids "LOVE Ms. Susie" and have built a report with Mr. Leftwhich and Mr. Ernie.  So, I have made it a small tradition, ever year, for three years now or more, to give them BOTH the Chick-Fil-A Cow Calendar and the Krispy Kreme Donut Calendar.  It's $15 worth of gifts, but the gift keeps giving ALL YEAR ROUND. I printed a note that said exactly what I felt, "Thank you for your helping hands!"
The cow calendar is AWESOME! I have posted on it before, in detail, so I didn't bother investing the time doing it again.  Read all about what it is HERE.
I stumbled across the Krispy Kreme calendar a few years back, on accident.  I have made certain to NOT forget this as a gift option for MANY!  This year, I LOVED that they made it not only a calendar filled with freebies and awesome coupons, but they ALSO made it a coloring calendar.  
I took pics of each month, minus January, not sure why, see below... my favorite months are February, August, and December.  SO FUN and so cute... As you will see in the fourth picture over, from the top row, EACH MONTH is filled with free stuff and amazing coupons.
I also sent in some Santa donuts for them and the office staff: principal, secretary, nurse, and janitors.
 Here are a few more examples of the coupons offered under each month!
Don't make excuses for WHY you don't give to others. It really doesn't even take money to show you care. It's never the case that you give to someone and feel crappy or regret it (unless of course they are ungrateful).  Giving is the best feeling ever!

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  1. You are so kind! Bus Drivers, school front office staff, lunchroom staff and custodians are often overlooked at holiday time or end of the year.


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