Friday, January 6, 2017

A Red Robin Christmas For Ms. Robin!

Our bus driver has been the same since Tyson was in Kindergarten, back in 2009. I obviously haven't gotten to know Ms. Robin personally.  I mean, she's just my kids' taxi cab driver to and from school. It's kind of hard to get to know someone who is on a TIGHT schedule.  She also works at our local Wal-mart in the Pharmacy, so occasionally I have more time to speak to her, but sadly, I don't even know if I have been spelling her name right all the years.  Regardless, AGAIN, I always make sure to shower her with love and gifts for each holiday.  I know what it is like driving 3 kids around and how hectic and distracting that can be.  I cannot imagine 35+ students.  Good grief.

I found the adorable "red robin" bag (above) at Barnes and Noble. With ANY purchase, the tote was only $12.95. To be honest, I had planned to give it to Mrs. Green, but when I was struggling with what to give Ms. Robin, and was racking my brains, a light bulb went off, I fist pumped the air, laughed so hard, and switched the plan.  "MRS. ROBIN is going to get the ROBIN bag." MAN I LOVE IT WHEN THINGS WORK OUT SO PERFECTLY.  BUT ... what do I put inside. Ugh! It was a BIG, deep bag. Sigh!  
THEN, I walked into one of my favorite stores, "Bath and Body Works" and WALAA, there, on their wall flower shelf, sat a ROBIN wall flower holder.  I mean, what are the stinking chances? Are you for real? "NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!", I caught myself saying, OUT LOUD, in the store.  I get so excited over the silliest things. Of course I bought it and I included the "Tis The Season" wall flower bulb.  
THE VERY BEST part of this gift is what MOST people want, but I hate to give (simply because it seems so impersonal)... a gift card to RED ROBIN! Can you seriously BELIEVE how PERFECT this gift came together?  LOL!  I mean come on... what are the chances I would find THIS many cool gifts to match her name?

AND THEN... the worst part about this gift... This entire time I thought that cute, little red bird was a red robin and the tag, the entire time read, "Cardinal!" 
NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I went to google immediately to see if Ms. Robin would notice that the "Red Robin" was really a cardinal. LOL! I am not sure if she did or didn't, but regardless, I still thought this was clever and I was not accepting that that bird on the front of that tote was a Cardinal (our state bird).  Hehe.
I made a little "card" or note to go along with the gift.  (See below).  I put quotations around the word "Robin", just incase she realized that it was really a cardinal.  (Insert Eye Roll Here).

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