Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Family Birthdays!

I am always looking for a special way to celebrate those I love, on their birthdays.  I believe that one's birthday is truly the only DAY set aside, specifically for them, to CELEBRATE them and show them how much they mean to you.  It could be a sweet note, a well thought out gift, a meal, a hug, whatever it is... as long as you DO SOMETHING that expresses and celebrates your love for them that's all that matters. I have several family members who are AWFUL about even being able to remember when everyone's birthdays are.  Our family has gotten pretty big, but more than that, I think life is just so busy that they don't make it a priority to mark these special days down. SO... Kristin to the rescue.  I found a unique way to help those family members remember the most important dates of the year.  I spotted this "Family Birthday" plaque at LTD for ONLY $6.98. SCORE! Especially since Amazon sells it for $17. I was super excited at both the idea and the price.

My handwriting is SO big, so I needed a way to place everyone's names on the small quarter size tags.  To make it look consistent and clean looking, I used my label maker.
There were enough tags for everyone's birthdays, even Jesus' birthday!
 I LOVE the way it turned out.  
Finally, the actual birthdates were NEEDED/REQUIRED, right?  I made a document and printed both a LARGE and small version of it. I taped the small version, of the birthdates, onto the BACK of the plaque, this way it would never be lost. I did include a few wedding anniversaries too!

Now, hopefully these family members with "NEVER FORGET" the important people in their lives. 

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