Thursday, October 8, 2015

Come, Sit, & Play For Sadie's 1st Birthday!

I blocked out our phone #, on the invite, since our blog is public! Thanks Lauren for drawing attention to this!
The invitation is out.  With only #7daysandcounting until our fur daughter turns 1, we are ready to celebrate. I really hope several pooches come and play! Sadie loves treats, but playdates, to her, are much better!!!! I created this adorable invitation to share, electronically, with anyone and everyone I know that has dogs. If all else fails, off to the doggie park we will go. I also wrote a little note to help create some anticipation, hehe:
"No paw-ty is fun without fur friends.  This is a fur real celebration.  Calling friendly dogs of all shapes, sizes, and ages.  Arrive with your tails wagging.  Mini hot dogs, unlimited toilet bowl water, and doggie friendly cake will be served.  Please R.S.V.P. so the right # of paw-ty favors are available. Finally, please wipe your paws before entering.  We're going to have a dog-gone good time!!!!"
The pre-party prep work began last week.  I just decided to do ONE thing a day.  It's been fun and there are no late night party creations or stress hives happening around here.  The DOGS don't care know, so the details aren't really necessary. Haha.  
I've already made homemade peanut butter and honey dog bones for Sadie girl, as well as, chicken stuffed/flavored bone shaped ice cubes.  That was #11daysandcounting and #10daysandcounting.
I also purchased Sadie some new BLING to wear throughout the year.  After all, everyone knows that diamonds are a girl's best friend. It's hard to believe we are just not getting around to getting her a name plate.  Don't worry, Sadie is chipped, so if she got lost, eventually, I believe we would have received her back!!! #9daysandcounting.
And finally, party decorations! Just a few.  Nothing major, but we have a party animal dog mat for when her guests arrive, party hats, a party crown, and a sweet sign that reads, "LOVE is a four legged word!"  #8daysandcounting.
Be on the look out for another post on the last few details and of course the post party pictures, IF anyone shows up.  LOL! 

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  1. This is the best! I am chaperoning another field trip that morning or else Duke would be there!! He would LOVE that! Happy early birthday, Sadie!


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