Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Lilah Loses Tooth #2

My kids lose their teeth in a fairly delayed fashion, meaning at a later age than their friends.  Lilah's first tooth was loose on a Monday and by Friday, BAM.  Almost exactly one month later, her second tooth was loose, again, out of no where, and then within three days BAM, it was gone.  We had a little fun removing Lilah's second tooth after several painful encounters with her wiggly tooth and eating food. I spoke to Lilah about the old fashioned string and door slamming trick.  Surprisingly, she chose to go find string dental floss on her own and asked if we could give it a whirl.  We tried it a few times, but I wasn't slamming the door hard enough.  Part of the problem was that the door was glass pained and I thought I would break the glass, but I was also worried, naturally, I would hurt Lilah.  We decided to give it ONE LAST TRY, 3rd times a charm, switching doors and door slammers haha!!!! Darren was the volunteer for that task.  

Enjoy the video below.  I counted, "1, 2,..." expecting to get to 3, Darren chose to slam the door.  He claims slamming the door at the count of 2 is why it was so successful.  "No one was expecting it!!!", he exclaimed.  Lilah was brave, shocked, excited, and relieved.  HOWEVER, once she tasted blood, her excitement turned to nervousness and the water works began. My next post will be about what the tooth fairy brought her!

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