Monday, October 5, 2015

Chicken Flavored Ice Cubes For DOGS!

More pre-party prep work took place today for Sadie's 1st Birthday.  THIS treat was quick, simple, cost effective, and probably to HER...delicious. I guess you'd call them chicken flavored ice cubes AND they are shaped like a dog bone.  How appropriate!!!
To make these, you will need 4 items:
1. The Wilton BONE Ice and Treat Mold
2. Organic Chicken (shredded)
3. Chicken Broth
4. A Freezer
Next up and probably common sense, BOIL the chicken.  I chose a to use a piece of thinly, sliced chicken breast.  It was organic, because that's ALL I had. I only boiled ONE piece.  
After it is no longer pink inside, your chicken is ready (about 7-8 minutes).  Remove the chicken from the pan and let cool.
 Shred or cut chicken into small thin pieces.
 Insert chicken into mold or bones.  
 The MORE chicken you use the less broth will fit into each bone mold.  
 ONE chicken breast filled three molds.
Below: the finished look.  I think the puppies will LOVE this batch the best because there are pieces of chicken hanging out of the bottom of the ice cubes, but the second batch I made, I used less chicken, so our puppies have to work harder to get to the chicken.  Dogs/puppies like to "work".  It keeps them busy and happy.  
Tada! Sadie will LOVE these, especially on on a hot day, which we PROBABLY won't be getting many more of, if any!
The total cost for this, initially is about $13.00 ($9.99 for the mold, $1.00 for (1) piece of chicken, and $1.00 for a small can of chicken broth.  BUT... the mold lasts FORVER and the there is plenty of chicken broth left over for at least 10 more rounds if not 20 more rounds! I'll try to update you on how well my puppies liked this treat!

Again, I'd be HAPPY to make you some... for a small fee, to help with the cost of our Sadie and Simon's doggie daycare bills.  Haha. We have the money to pay for it, but I am trying to earn it.  I have the mold already, so PLEASE, take me up on this without feeling bad or odd asking!  It's truly NO BIG deal!!!! 

I still have MORE pre-party plans to accomplish.  Be on the look out! I know you can't wait.  LOL!

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