Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Last Day Of Vacation!

On the last day of vacation, we had a lovely dinner at the well-known and very delicious restaurant Ruth Chris's Steakhouse. I was a little uneasy about going because the kids were ramped up and the menu was pricey, but Darren wanted to treat us, so I didn't argue. The kids wound up being so well behaved that an older couple complimented us.  
Appetizers and cocktails were asked to be order, through an iPad, left at the table.  Darren and I joked as we sang, "We're so fancy, you are already know!"  Lilah used the iPad throughout dinner to pretend she was ordering.  Haha. It kept her entertained, so I didn't care.
Dinner was so, so, so delicious. Darren said he felt like his steak was just drenched in butter, that's how tender the steak was. I had surf and turf (steak, crab, and chicken).  It came out piping hot!  It was fabulous. I was able to reserve a little bit of it for lunch the next day! 
Look...love is in the air #hearts
Before dinner, I attempted a photo shoot of the Darren with the kids.  The kids were just not focused and Darren was so hungry he couldn't think straight.  Those photos are NOT even worth sharing.  LOL! After dinner, we attempted the "self-timed" family group shot AND of course between my camera's ISO being WAY off and then the battery died, I barely captured a decent result, but here are some of the shots anyway.  I take so many great pictures and my battery is always FULL, but of course the moment I try to capture our entire family, nothing is ready or at it's full potential.  Oh well! Better luck next year.  (All the photos in this post were the after dinner photos). The first photo below would have been a wonderful family photo, but my camera's ISO was set to 6400.  I could scream.  I never was able to capture anything better because the battery died.
Another opportunity for a good family photo (below), but the timer went off too soon!
My little cartoon characters!  I love this cool feature I have, which I rarely use.  Sometimes these three remind me of cartoon characters.  You know the ones that aggravate each other all day long...Tom and Jerry.  
I have a few more photos, from my iPhone, that I will add to this post later today, if you want to check back.  I also have one last post of our trip...our visit to Myrtle Beach. I am saving that for last, for a reason.  Until next year Myrtle Beach.....


  1. You need a remote clicker for your self timer. We love ours, let's us get all ready for the photo and in focus, then click it and drop (or hide) it during those last 5 seconds before photo is taken.
    If your an Amazon prime member you should be able to find a great deal on one during prime day tomorrow


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