Monday, July 13, 2015

Grand Prix ~ Myrtle Beach

On the 6th day, at Myrtle Beach, we were in need of a break from the sun. We decided to eat lunch at MaCalister's Deli, enjoy a Cold Stone Creamery Ice Cream, and then head off to the race track.  We chose to buy the "all day" bands.  It was the best bang for our buck, but I certainly didn't think we would actually spend 8 hours there.  The biggest thrill, for me, was hearing and seeing that Jax is officially tall enough to ride the big go-karts. Cool things happen when you grow to be 48" tall.  
The first go-kart we road was together.  Darren, Ty, and Jax road in single cars and Lilah and I road in a twinbie car.  After that, the boys road alone and Lilah found a track that she was able to drive.
Haha.  Darren looks a little too oversized for that car.  LOL!
Meanwhile, Jax can't even see over the steering wheel.  So comical and possible very unsafe.  LOL!
Had to capture this special moment for him! His first time driving his OWN go-kart.
OH NO! When you can't see over the steering wheel and you have zero driving skills, yet your mission is to win, you wind up crashing into your dad.

But this guy drove right passed them and waved!  
The kids were also allowed to ride all of the Grand Prix carnival rides.  We were missing out on a favorite Summer tradition back in Salem, the Salem Fair, so I was thankful these rides were present.
This ride was clearly a little intense, for starters, but then Lilah got brave and put her hands in the air like the big boys.
After a while, I stopped taking pictures.  There are only so many ways to capture a driver on a go-kart.
We spent 5 hours at Grand Prix and then left to eat dinner and just relax at the condo for a little bit.  Jax fell asleep immediately, on the way back to the condo.  Wiped out.
The kids begged to go back, so we did.  Nooooooo! Haha.  I had to splurge on one of those Dunkin Donut Oreo Blasts.  YUM! I only could drink half of a small.  It was so filling.  We played a round of putt-putt golf and laughed the night away chasing each other in go-karts. I beat Darren at golf, but he beat me on the track. In total, we spent 8 hours there.  Moral of the story...BUY THE ARM BAND. PS. There were zero lines during the day because everyone is out on the beach, but when we went back at 8 pm, it was pretty crowded.
Here are a few comical videos of our experience at this venue! Enjoy!

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  1. This looks like so much fun :) Love Lilahs expressions on the ride! I know Z would say forget the beach and hang out at the go karts the whole time!.


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